Lollapalooza 2018: Travis Scott Redeems Himself, Odesza’s Closing Set, And More!

Downtown Chicago got put on hold from all backgrounds and ages headed to Grant Park for a 4 day party that was particular. This festival has been around my bucket listing for years and I finally got the opportunity to attend. Luckily, I was also able to shoot and will be publishing the full record for our Facebook page. The region which the festival covers was bigger than I expected and I could honestly say I walked from the end of day over 50 miles. T have an opportunity to attend the festival Should you didn & rsquo. I recommend you catching your tickets once the 2019 lineup is announced by them.

Thursday for us, got begun with Jaden Smith’s set in the American Eagle stage a bit after 5 o’clock. He also delivered striking visuals which makes me wish to watch him again and an emotionally strong performance. He also brought out Lido at the earlier portion of his group. Lido also attracted out Jaden the night at Lincoln Hall for a Few songs.

Following the Smith functionality, we headed on to Tito’s Handmade Vodka stage for 16 year-old pop-phenom, Billie Eilish, all to abandon it all over the stage. I don’t believe I watched as many fans obsessed with a behave the festival as they were Billie. reminds me of a experienced act. She’s a big future ahead of her and also you will need to be keeping track.

Across from the Tito’s Handmade Vodka stage, was the Bud Light Stage. This stage comprised a number of the biggest acts of this weekend and also among the highest functions I wanted to see. Texas born and raised musician, Khalid, has been among the fastest rising artists of the last 5 decades. His performance has been amazing and you can see him surrounded with his own dancers below.

After shooting, Khalid, I needed to book it throughout the festival for to Perry’s stage for your one and only REZZ. The Canadian DJ and record producer has also experienced a rise and after seeing a set like this Lolla you will understand why. Her supporters will literally trace her over a pond and you may feel the love. Don’t miss the next REZZ set if you’ve got a opportunity to watch her.

The final stop, before the curtains closed for one, was the sole and only, Travis Scott. A lot built up for this closing collection. The last time Travis Scott played with Lollapalooza, he had been arrested for inciting a riot. His third studio record, Astroworld, was set to drop 2 hours after his set finished. Therefore, the strain before his set was higher than every other act of this weekend (from what I witnessed). As we (50 photographers) waited for the one song we had been allowed to capture, the fans (likely around 100,000 people) were starting to get restless. Then out of nowhereTravis comes out of this darkness and slides all of the round the stage at one of the very hype openings I have ever witnessed in person. He moved to put on my personal favorite group of this weekend, and also one which I won’t ever forget. If you haven’t heard his album, you may listen below.

After clocking 12 miles we had been back at it starting with RUSKO&rsquo. This guy won the weekend on stage movements during a DJ set. I have not seen anything like it before and he also gave zero f**ks. Shout out for him keeping to his UK roots and leaving the audience with their limbs on the floor. There were places at Perry’s stage which had the fans breaking their necks.

We have the one and only, Post Malone. Where do you begin with someone just like Posty? His music is infectious and his supporters are too surplus. The love he was shown by his fans was a gorgeous thing to witness. You may see it on his own face in a number of the pictures I grabbed of him. When you’ve got a chance I suggest that you grab tickets.

The masked Malaaout of France, played a house filled place with continuous heavy vibes. The audience was loving he transitioned from one record to the next. Perhaps I haven’t been keeping tabs on the Parisian, but it seems like he has traded up from a timeless ski mask to high quality if not habit black mask. Wonder who’s under there!

Tito’so stage is currently up along with also the magnetic OSHI was ready on the decks to show us how he chops it up at the present time. I’ve been after this artist via Soundcloud for ages. When you have you will now he has a passion for the dramatics and is producer. You can see his love to get keep your attention as well as playing to the disposition. From hip hop to the bass documents, he maintained the front row and behind in the zone throughout. The light in this collection gets a thumbs up from me personally.

After the dancing moves along with hip hop, we trek back to Perry’s Stage for several great laughs from Dillon Francis. Dillon played with a solid group filled with Pyrotechnics and hilarious visuals. If you’re knowledgeable about the humor Francis has become known forthe visuals throughout his collection will make.

I am filling it by day three in my legs. I changed from vans to running shoes after day two and that is highly recommend if you want to walk after a festival of this size. Enough about me, let’s ’s thoughts over to the Bud Light stage to swallow some sense great electronic/pop/rock vibes via the rising team, A R I Z O N A. Not the state, the band. These guys are unbelievable along with the live operation insured my faith that should they continue to compose singles like “Electric Touch” & &; ldquo;Cross My Mind”they are headed for a prosperous career.

Daya (day uh NOT die-uh) kicks us into top gear with lively filled performance from the Lake Shore stage. She had an outfit on that seemed like she had been out of a forward thinking fashion shoot that just added to the pair. You may tell she has quickly come into her own and can make a significant impact for years to come.

Gucci Gucci Gang is. Lil Pump took his time getting over the stage and it nearly cost him his own collection. The fans were not pleased as well as began throwing water bottles in his DJ. He came out along with the fans only became more aggressive. His performance covered his viral singles and also included ones I have not heard of before. As our shooting time was coming to a close, we were escorted onto stage shortly before a riot nearly broke out. Not sure what caused this incitement, but there were 30 cops waiting backstage for any escalation which could have occurred.

Los Angeles manufacturer Ghastly is on Perry’s Stage. This guy has had a rise during the previous two decades. He moved from playing some solid club shows on tour to acting at enormous festivals like EDC Vegas, Lollapalooza and Hard Summer which looks like instantly. He could thank his literary director Moe Shalizi for many of this, but it was also due to his own hard work and giving back to his own cult following.

Luckily, I didn’t need to change up places as Zomboy was up in the stage. I’ve listened to his songs before but didn’t expect the based recording producer and DJ to put on a display like this one. He had been more engaged than the front row. The facial expressions I captured (most of which won’t be uploaded) illustrate is love for bass and throwing down.
I got an repair, I headed on to Grant Park Stage to see one of my favourite rappers, Logic. The gifted and playful recording artist emerged from the smoke ready to provide the so or 80,000 enthusiasts exactly what they wanted and much more. There aren’t many rappers like Logic, and you are able to feel the respect his followers have because of him. One thing I did not expect, was when he took off his hat. A high energy set that I recommend you visiting when he rolls through your own town.

The magical of Illenium’s closing set. You leave the planet for a moment, when you set that with his private statement he shared via websites every day before. You might feel the power of his music has influenced, saved, changed, etc the lifestyles of millions. There aren’t many things that can have that positive influence in a brief time period. Thank you, Illenium. You have surely change my entire life and we are fortunate to get you.

This might be the best review I have ever done. It is my favorite review I have done because I could picture the moments vividly as they happened. To kick off the fourth and final day, Atlanta established Herobust happens to the decks Perry’s Stage. Talk about a packed audience. The audience was filled with head bangers from left to right and front to back. So far as the eye could see, there were bodies. Throughout my time at the pit, I banged with a fan and caught depart ugly snaps. I also captured Herobust from the air with a stage . Amazing collection, Hayden, eager to see!

Next I headed over to the Bud Light, where I captured my best shots of this festival, for a “lit” set from the dirty south rapper and music business powerhouse, Gucci Mane. Not only has Gucci experienced a prosperous career, he has helped create the exact same for artists throughout the previous ten years. There weren&rsquo. He knew his place and the audience was very mindful. He viewing much & ldquo; bling & rdquo ; in person is quite the experience and was covered from head. Gucci smiled most of his group and seemed past pleased to be there. Love trust and the energy you can watch him live shortly.

Over in the Grant Park Stage, we have some stone vibes in thanks to Portugal. The Man. This was the band and a fun series. The disposition had been heightened as the sun began to set of what seemed like a never ending audience, throughout the bodies. These men were my favorite to shoot and I think you will prefer some of the shots I caught. If they come to your town, Certainly don’t miss them.

As a photographer, you have a feeling of the shots which will turn out the best. This is true for occasion shooting. Chromeo is among the places that after I was done shooting, and I knew there will be any gems. When imported the photos to Lightroom, I had been perfect. There are a few shots that actually capture the mood and energy from their magnificent performance.

As I trek over to the American Eagle stage for wireless sensation, QUINN XCII (QUINN 15), he has taken the stage. The railings in this set were filled with the women who were in love with all the pop artist. He took some time in getting the audience off their feet with their hands in the air. This stage is not small, but QUINN’s ability to cover it was quite striking.

Tito’s Stage is up second and includes rising record manufacturer, Medasin. The gifted musician and DJ set the mood and kept it. He released his debut record, “Irene”, that is filled with vibey records he has become known for. Highly recommend you check that out.

Last but not least, we have arrived in the weekend’s pair. A performance with a group like, Odesza, is among those shows that renders one speechless. They delivered large along with the fireworks just added to the night that was unforgettable.

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Thanks for having us Lollapalooza and C3 Presents. It had been among the best organized events I have covered and I’m impressed by how it was kept all four times in that big of a scale. Food was great, sound was top class and the lineup has been memorable. Will return!

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