Mr. Carmack Drops Dark, Eerie, & Melodic Beat “Warsaw, Canada”

As Mr. Carmack states in the SoundCloud description of his brand new track, he “hasn’t made a beat in a month.” The last little piece of genius that he dropped was the brutally hard “This Is America.” Considering it’s some of the best we’ve heard from Carmack, it was going to be difficult to follow up, but he had to put out something sooner or later.Today, Mr. Carmack dropped “Warsaw, Canada” a tightly knit, dark and eerie beat that plays around with some dreamy melodies. The general array of sounds that Carmack utilizes in this beat is hypnotizing on its own, but he still manages to find a solid groove that will keep your head bobbing throughout the whole track.Honestly, this almost feels like a throwaway beat for Carmack, the way he nonchalantly dropped it out of nowhere, with hardly any support on his social media. But even then, a throwaway beat from this legend is better than some artist’s whole catalogs. Keep doing what you’re doing, Mr. Carmack.Stream “Warsaw, Canada” below and enjoy!

Mr. Carmack – Warsaw, Canada