Vini Vici Talks Psytrance Explosion and More

Writer by April Calvo-Perez

With just one of the explosions we all ’ve seen in the past couple of years in dance music, Vini Vici continues to dominate the scene with their psytrance audio. The duo made up of Aviram and Matan have had an already eventful season which comprises releases with Steve Aoki, Armin Van Buuren, Alok, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and more. With now being played by nearly every huge dance act, and headlining slots across the festivals on the planet, all-star collaborations you can think of – there’s no denying Vini Vici is carrying it.

Lately announcing their Dreamstate radio series with Insomniac Events, we caught up with Aviram in the group at San Francisco since they headlined Insomniac’s Dreamstate event to receive their prescriptive in their uprise along with also the explosion of Psytrance.

TSS: Let’s start in the beginning before Vici Vici there was Sesto Sento. What prompted you guys to change from this undertaking and start Vini Vici?

Vini Vici: Sesto Cento was something we’d been performing for so long prior to Vici Vici. There was three people but then the third member decided to leave the group. Matan and I (Aviram) needed to start something brand new that we can call our own with a brand new beginning. We made Vini Vici.

TSS: Did you ever envision Vini Vici shooting off at how it has over the past couple of years or was it only a side job you men started for fun where it go?

Vini Vici: NO WAY! We NEVER understood that we would take over the Psytrance scene at the manner our tunes have become and that we failed. Vini Vici exploded and we are so proud of what we have accomplished so far and also the reception our songs has gotten from everybody.

TSS: Is there anything else or anyone in particular that influenced your own sound to be created by you?

Vini Vici: Our culture and history. Growing up in Israel, Psytrance was a part of us from early in our childhood and growing up. You heard it as a kid in parties, at weddings . So italways have been and ’ s something personal that we ’ re about creating enthused. It s exactly what makes us Vini Vici.

TSS: We all know exactly what your audio is and exactly what you men make but what sort of music do you guys hear on your spare time or for sway from your Psytrance?

Vini Vici: PersonallyI (Aviram) don’t listen to much music in my spare time. I love to hang with my girl, watch films, TV, and things like this. While I do listen to music, I enjoy the classics in the 60’s, 70’s, music such as this. Bob Marley, The Beatles, I’m not quite picky.

TSS: We view a recurring motif in several of your tracks since Vici Vici, having to do with humankind, connections, the world, and self. Could you tell us a bit about this?

Vini Vici: You are aware of growing up Jewish, you truly learn how to embrace all facets of humankind, connections, and self. Music I believe goes hand in hand with those beliefs and I think we represent that the connections, through our music it creates fans, and the way that it makes them feel but also makes us feel.

TSS: You men announced with Insomniac Events the launch of Dreamstate radio that’ll be hosted by you guys. How excited are you guys about this?

Vini Vici: We are excited to see in which Dreamstate radio can take ! We just started it because you had an wonderful answer for our debut series and said. We are planning on doing the series just once a month but have had good feedback from everybody and we’re ready for your next one.

TSS: It’s been 3 years since your album’s launch, ‘Future Classics’. Can we expect a fresh Vini Vici album soon or is there any already in the works?

Vini Vici: It’so funny you ask this. I talked to Matan a week and he said “Do you think we all ’re ready for another album? ” and I advised him “Yes, I think it’so nice! Let’s function. ” So I can t tell you when as we neglect ’t know but something is coming.

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