Emmy Rossum leaving Showtime’s Shameless following ninth season

Shameless is still going strong, with all its ninth year kicking off on September 9th. But for Emmy Rossum, her time on the Showtime series in coming to an end, as she just announced this upcoming season is going to be her final.

Rossum plays with Fiona Gallagher about the series, serving as a de facto home mother to your scrappy family led by a reckless patriarch played by William H. Macy. She also announced her death with a lengthy Facebook post articulates the series ’s cast, her personality, and also also a backstage vibe that’s fostered a feeling of community for the 31-year old celebrity.

“See, in actual life, unlike Fiona, I’theres a single child. I had a huge family. “Being ensconced in that Gallagher family love is something I’d always dreamed of. But off place, it seems real. We’ve ever observed the children grow up into the talented, independent human beings they are. ”

In 2016, Rossum and the series made headlines once the celebrity refused to sign on for the show ’ eighth year unless she had been paid over Macy, who, despite sharing duties on the series, was compensated more. Macy affirmed the idea, as did the showrunners, and Warner Bros. soon emerged with a fresh contract.

Season 2 may not be the series ’s final year, nevertheless. “I know you’ll continue on without me, for now she stated in her post. “There is Gallagher story to be told. I will root for the loved ones. As moving the block down, try not to think of me , just think about me. ”

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