From Bold to Boho, Here’s How to Own the Blazer Trend

So do trends which will help us rethink our closets, as fall weather quickly methods. One of our favorite trends has to be the emphasis of menswear at womenswear. Its comeback was made by the blazer in vogue nearly a year following the 2016 election. Designers held tight into the wardrobe piece for a symbol of leadership, structure and power. Last, the blazer’s resurrection will be still reinvented with new colors, silhouettes and possibly even prints and trickled down to international. From pastel colors paired into khaki matching sets with rainbow prints, we rounded up eight lively, chic and unexpected looks to use this season.

Ultra Pattern Power Clash

Cutaway Blazer, $128. Available at Express in stores only. Plaid Ankle-Fit Pant, $28. Available at Zara online. Model’s shoes and jewelry.

The Lowdown: The start of this rainy season is ideal — especially in the Denver metro region — to experimentation with this autumn ’s “sport in power” look which needs a few more bits to achieve. A blazer at a grid print with a design that is cropped is both lively and serious. It helps to accompany pants with a sporty theme, like these athletic-striped, ankle-fit pants from Zara.


Career Jacket, $35, Rainbow Pleated Skirt, $22, Graphic Sweater, $20. Available at Forever 21. Model’s jewelry.

The Lowdown: Carrie Bradshaw circa Season Four of Sex and The City is getting a second. The maximalist fad is coming from a hiatus hence autumn is about turning them into a look and finding the most eccentric bits. The perfect method to reach this trend is to fuse colors like stripes and always incorporate something to the ensemble. The trick is to match the blazer with a color in your outfit although Keep in mind this trend is supposed to be loud and over-the-top. For example, the thin pink stripes at the skirt are pulling the entire look together by being the exact color of pink as the blazer. It turns out the craziness of this outfit .

Earthly Hues

Express Blazer, $128. Available In Stores Only. Express One Eleven Modern Shoulder Tee, $30. Express Denim, $40. Model’s jewelry.

The Lowdown: This year ’s tried-and-true fad is plaid, with color combinations becoming the classic. The blazer is equally preppy and sophisticated while lively and feminine. Pairing it can bring the “ early aughts back ” style of road on road and upper on the bottom.

’80s Edge

Petite Rolled Blazer, $80, Wide Leg Pants, $50. Available at Express. Model’s shoes and jewelry.

The Lowdown: This autumn isn’t just about blending prints — it’so about locating loudest and the most boldest colors and wearing them at the sleekest approach. Record blazers are something, but by using a effective color like red, the look is taken from basic to runway. Going a size or two bigger is essential, especially if the blazer’so cut is intended for petite sizes — it’ll be oversize but not at shoulders and the arms. The size provides the hemline that is crucial and inches. The bold, classic blazer is the best staple for both menswear’s swinging pendulum designs in colors that are bright, silhouettes that are oversize and womenswear a crimson, yellowish and cobalt.

Photography from Rebecca Grant

Styled from Ernesto Prada along with Stephen Garcia

Model Nancy Ruiz