North America’s Largest Climbing Gym is Open in Denver

In 53,000 square feet, the brand-new Earth Treks climbing gym is currently claiming bragging rights because the largest in North America. Tomorrow, it’s obvious the prior Sports Authority’s headquarters is still now currently accepting the name. Not only were the ceilings increased in spaces to 55 ft, the gym is stuffed with routes.

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“We had 25 route setters come in from all of our different centers,” said Tori Barnett, marketing manager for Earth Treks. The company, which combined with Planet Granite, flew out every route founder (also known as a setter) to craft every climb.

“It’s unprecedented said Calvin Bond, PR adviser for Earth Treks. ” It’ll give the clients the avenues of any kind. ”

This won’t be the norm since the Denver place will have four setters available. But even so the fitness center intends to maintain the diversity alive by altering the routes every 10 weeks for the ropes region and every eight weeks for bouldering. In its present iteration, setters are recommending the Eldunarà for newbies — it’s a 5.6 top-rope route with 105 holds on it, which ’s about double the sum of a typical route. If you’re an expert, the toughest lead climb is called Sunflower, a 5.14a produced by Michael Hauck aka the “Zookeeper. ”

If you’re looking to boulder, there’s equally as much diversity with routes moving from V0 (simplest ) to V12 (toughest ). Additionally, there are a number of routes that top out, rather than scaling back down, meaning, you descend using a ladder and can climb up and above.

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If this vocabulary sounds confusing, Earth Treks is also offering a gambit of instructional clinics for beginners and youth climbers as well as average climbers expecting to up their game or even take their skills outside. These come included in your membership prices, Should you ’ re a member.

Along with scaling, Earth Treks enlarged to include more fitness options after hearing comments from its members. The space comprises distance in addition to areas, treadmills and stationary bicycles, ellipticals and a yoga mat for group exercise classes. The yoga and HIIT courses arrive comprised but the childcare will cost you additional.

Earth Treks opens its doors tomorrow, August 31. For your Mile High climbing neighborhood — it’s a big thing. But should you’re a newcomer or curious about the sport, there’s a lot of space for you to learn.

Earth Treks is located at 1050 West Hampden Avenue, Englewood. It opens for business tomorrow having a grand opening party on September 22.

All photography from Brittany Werges.

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Editor’s note: A previous version of this story said the HIIT courses were not included in the membership. They’re contained in the membership and the story has been updated.