Deathpact Offers More Clues to Identity with New Single, “End Of Time”

Seriously, what’s going on here?

Enigmatic manufacturer Deathpact has sent dance music lovers down the bunny hole using series of imagery and messages.

The most recent trail from this mysterious figure is titled”End of Time.” The listener descends into the abyss, Because its bass line chugs along. The chaotic swirling of bass and twisted vocals cause an overwhelming yet danceable trail perfect for a dimly lit dance floor. 

Since Deathpact was featured Rezz’ track”Life and Death,” keen-eyed listeners have been sent on several scavenger hunts propagated by the anonymous producer.  

With every release from Deathpact comes another clue to the artist’s true identity. Listeners who visit Deathpact’s Facebook Page are immediately greeted by a banner that reads “THERE’S NOTHING HERE,” almost calling upon them to dig deeper.

Brave listeners who want to learn more about Deathpact are encouraged to call -LRB-917-RRB- 283-2750 to learn more. At the time of writing, the line rings until it goes to voice mail – but then the same number texts you back the words”What are you searching for?” It remains to be seen whether callers will receive future updates from the automated number.

The zip code”917″ belongs to New York City, and when the entire number is plugged into a phone number spelling website, the words”dim” and”rave” constantly look. 

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