Introducing Culkiin: A Character For Individual Interpretation

The founder ’s alter-ego urges the audience to rationalize events that are situational, their timeless.

First of all, in case you’re immediately thinking this is another attempt at a Marshmello spin-off, you’re sorely mistaken. Any previous efforts that are genuine are superseded by this concept but incorporates many of the concepts that are readily available to people.

A while past the creator of Culkiin, who wants to remain anonymous, made a paper âché head very similar to his own to be exploited in all facets of his performance art, mainly video. The personality is not supposed to be abstract but instead a physiological one that is going to enable the viewers to achieve another level of awareness from escaping reality for a minute to input Culkiin’s world, taking away the creator.

Culkiin.   Photo: Kieran Brett

The thought came in Culkiin’s creator working after attending faculty. “It was so loud I couldn’t even use my headphones and ultimately found myself drifting off,” said the creator. “I found it way more interesting when I thought about writing from the point of view of a fictional character with no limits.” Much like modern-day animation characters, this type of daydreaming is not new by any stretch but few have really brought the idea.  

”I wanted to create an interesting planet for Culkiin,” said his creator. His goal is to thrust Culkiin into continual situational aspects of another world. “It’s a universe where I can create humorous, almost surreal movies for Culkiin. We really don’t understand how or where he is going to wind up.” What we do know is that Culkiin is from The Eternal City, which is where the creator is set to transfer his real residence in a few weeks. Still confused? That’s the point as it is often referred to as such by two different cities.

Culkiin.   Photo: Kieran Brett

Culkiin is set to evolve through his music, which his creator describes as”digital club music for individuals who don’t get out much.” It is with this disparity of comedy and real-life experience that Culkiin will, with each song, enter a new level of a video game of sorts, bringing with it an entirely new world for him to experience. 

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The first single, Head was an experiment for Culkiin’s creator. “I was throwing ideas in the wall and this song came . I changed it the day before I listed it in guitar riffs to digital with a few 2000’s UK dance impacts. Right afterward was when I determined that this was the way I wanted to go and also birthed the head idea.” The song has since been re-mixed, without the permission by Hippie Sabotage. The creator has mixed emotions as it has given the song more airtime but is not pleased that the remixed track sold on iTunes without his permission saying, ”It really isn’t in the true spirit of remixing. ” 

The introduction of Culkiin was Dream Alone. A lyrical song brought together with a video that was the brainchild of Liam Woolmer-Thompson.  “We had access to massive amounts of equipment in a warehouse and we all agreed to perform a proper video for the song,” Culkiin’s creator said. “The continuous shot concept was Liam’s no thought.” The song was a chance for the creator to be a bit more deliberate with Culkiin in his introduction process. “It made it easy to collapse into a different world and begin his trip. I became less engaged with reality and the trail became about the commitment to a concept or dream. ”

The movie was submitted to The Monthly Film Festival and won Best Video of the Month with a jury of online Republicans in February 2018:

With the introduction of Culkiin finished, the next step would be a string of releases that will eventually form a cohesive group of songs by which Culkiin plots his path in these different scenarios. However is anything? Well, based on his creator,” The ultimate goal of Culkiin will be left up to the individual’s interpretation giving a broader reach to the intended audience, which is all of us.”

A movie will also be released highlighting Culkiin’s experiences using a medley of the new songs and is”meant to stir conversation and intrigue.”

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