Late Night Radio Releases Lead Single “In My Mind” from His Upcoming Album, Sunday

A mixture of funk, soul and electronic music,”In My Mind” is excellent for those lazy Sundays.

Late Night Radio’s latest electro-funk release,”In My Mind,” is not just a groovy and soulful track – it is also pretty empowering. Together with lush guitar riffs that bring you back to better days and Julianna Reed’s smooth delivery of the lyrics, it is no wonder . 

And many of you who are lovers of Chromeo, Cut Copy and perhaps even Big Gigantic and Gramatik will surely dig this funky song.

Even though the trail is upbeat and each of the instruments create a fun and joyful noise, the most positive feature of the entire tune is the lyrics.  The chorus is really a confidence booster:

“You can put up a wall, but I’ll climb ’til I find a way. They can tell me I’m wrong and I’ll try just another day. You can talk all you want but you’ll hear what I’ve got to say. You can push ’til I fall and I’ll rise until I fly away.”

Naturally, the remaining lyrics also relay the identical message of not giving up and allowing different folks bring you down too – that is something most of us need to hear every once in a while to help keep us going. 

This rings true for Alex Medellin, the man behind Late Night Radio and also among Denver’s hottest senses. Growing upward, Medellin studied guitar and piano, but it wasn’t until 2011 that he started his own music career scoring commercials and online videos. After that he bounced from one spot to another, going from New Orleans to Austin to Temecula and eventually in settling in Colorado where he started making and releasing his own original tracks total time by 2014. 

Not to say that through these traveling years he did not release any music. He published quite a few EPs such as Concrete College in 2012, Far Into the Night in 2013, Soap Box in 2014 and Reflective Tangents in 2016. Nevertheless, it was the latter that actually did amazingly well with the record reaching more than two thousand Spotify streams. 

As a pioneer of an electronic dance music subgenres which might not be super popular right now, Medellin is doing what he could to keep being sophisticated and committed to his craft. He describes The easiest way to describe my music is electronic music for folks who don’t really like digital music,” he’s said. “There’s hip-hop bass and beats, which help keep it relevant. However, I’m taking it into new land.”

On November 9th, Medellin will be releasing his longest project to date: an 11-track album titled Sunday. Iff it’s filled with other emotionally charged tracks like”In My Mind,” it will undoubtably garner much praise from electro-funk lovers all around the world.

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