Remembering Janis Joplin: Last Visit To ‘The Dick Cavett Show’

Now is the anniversary of the death of that passed away on this date in 1970 in the all-too-young era of 27. Even the blues singer became one of the breakout stars of San Francisco’s psychedelic scene due in part is born” performance in the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival. While Joplin was best known for her live performances, she showed off her quick wit and sense of humor as well as her exposed side during a couple of television appearances on The Dick Cavett Show.

Cavett’s prime-time reveal superbly featured a who’s of rock stars that both performed and sat for freeform conversations, which brought the ethos of the hippie production into the homes of millions. Joplin and Cavett’s relationship dated back to July 1968 when she made her television debut next to Big Brother & The Holding Company on ABC’s This Morning. The pair goes on to build a rapport with each other over the class of Joplin’s three visits to The Dick Cavett Show.

Joplin’s ultimate TV appearance came on August 3, 1970, roughly a month and a half after she had famously discussed visiting her ten-year high school reunion. Joplin along with her recently formed band Full Tilt Boogie performed a set of then-new tracks — “My Baby” along with “Half Moon” — that would both be showcased in her posthumously released closing album Pearl. The Port Arthur, Texas native sat for one interview with Cavett. During their conversation, Cavett and Joplin spoke a selection of topics from Dick learning how to water ski for her performance in the Festival For Peace in New York City’s Shea Stadium. Joplin also discussed her taste for riding in the front seat of her fresh custom limo and asking to be shipped to her because she kept them. Watch Joplin’s ultimate appearance on The Dick Cavett Show under:

“My Baby” & “Half Moon

Interview Segments

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