Rezz Teases Spooky Video Clip from Nightmare On Rezz Street

The ID in”Teaser 1″ will definitely find its way int Nightmare On Rezz Street.

If you are awaiting Nightmare On Rezz Street with baited breath, then”Space Mom” has served up a thing to satiate your desire. Despite her all-original combination, the Canadian DJ/producer (actual name Isabelle Rezazaheh) has shared with a more Halloween-themed video.

Titled”Teaser 1,” that the CG cartoon portrays Rezazadeh approaching some kind of orb onto a pedestal with flames engulfing a woods in the background. The visuals were synced into by the music include the signature Rezz style, rife with gritty sawtooths and a suspenseful drum pattern.

Rezazadeh shared an online countdown timer for Nightmare On Rezz Street two days ago without describing what it might be. Today she disclosed that it would be a unique Halloween mix comprised entirely of music – some of which would be unreleased IDs. She has additionally tweeted that the combination will run for 32 minutes and add a”video component.”

Judging from the clip’s title, Rezz fans might surmise that the one or more additional teaser videos might be published ahead of the complete mix. Nightmare On Rezz Street itself will probably arrive Monday, October 22nd. Sign up for email updates here.



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