Silk City Puts Their Stamp of Approval on AKG’s Newest Wireless Headphones [Interview]

Learn exactly what exactly causes the AKG N700NC Silk City’s go-to headset.

Since 1947, AKG has been delivering the most superior noise in the planet, so it’s no surprise that their newest line of headphones accomplish that and much more. AKG’s newest noise-canceling wireless cans, the N700NC, Celebrate this fire for engineering the most silent high-end listening experience. 

Supplying sound for as much as 20 hours on a single charge to music fans, these headphones also allow users to control surrounding noise they wish to let in using the push of a button. 

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Last week in Samsung 837 we had the opportunity to test the N700NC and AKG’s other cans, the Y500 and Y100, in their event with Silk City and every held its own as it arrived to its studio quality sound. 

Perfect for the casual music player, the Y100 wireless headphones fit on your ears just right and so are fantastic for simply sitting at home or commutes. For audio fans and millennials the Y500 would be your favorite. All these headphones possess pause attribute and the awesome play. When you take the headphones off it automatically pauses when you place them back on it picks up where you left off, then what’s playing. 

And needless to say, nothing beats the N700NC. It’s definitely our favorite because of its noise-canceling attribute that is adaptive. For all those people in the hustle and bustle of New York City, it’s crazy when you turn this feature on and off, to hear the difference.  All these are the headphones for you if you’re a hardcore music enthusiast who likes to tune out the world and also be entranced by music.

The N700NC headphones are so good that they even won over Silk City’s Mark Ronson, whom had the opportunity to interview in the event. When it comes to cans, Ronson must have the very best studio quality sound. With Mick Jones, a member of the the legendary rock band Foreigner, as a step-dad, he had been subjected to the studio life and he thrives in it. Referring to himself as a”studio rat,” Ronson told me AKG headphones and the N700NC are so vital to his studio workflow and private life along with providing us an insight into his songs. You began this collaboration project by Diplo, how can you guys come to shape Silk City?

Mark Ronson: Diplo and I met likely in Philly, I do not even know if he was Diplo yet. And we met through some mutual friends and we were both really into digging into old records and things. Then he did Major Lazer and also his solo career and his productions, so I was a fanatic and I felt psyched for him since he was blowing and I feel it was probably mutual. Whenever we crossed paths, we would always have a fantastic time speaking about songs doing anything, but it never happened until approximately a year and a half . I think we were just, enough messing around, let us see what happens and let us go in the studio for a week and then place some time in the books. I think that people get on great and it was like quite low expectations, it wasn’t like let us go in and make a whole lot of bangers, it was like let’s see when this is fun, see if we still like what comes out and we all did. What we made likely the first day was the track that became”Electricity” and a whole bunch of other things.

So what is the creative process like when you’re in the studio using Diplo and you’re making tracks like”Electricity?”

I think he just fired up some drums on Ableton and I simply got to the piano. We were in my studio and we’ve got a whole lot of old analog gear, synths and pianos and, you know, he makes all of the things on the notebook so that it was a coming together of worlds. And we began playing with some chords that he had and just put a mic and that he liked the chords, we all did. We were all like,”Oh cool,” and our friend Diana Gordon began singing some melodies and we were all like,”Oh those are good too.” Then my friend Romy Madley Croft from The XX discovered the demo with all the melodies and she really loved it was like,”Oh I got an idea for some lyrics for this.” And eventually Dua Lipa helped us finish the lyrics and arrived , did some remarkable vocals, obviously background agreements and that the song was completed.

What is your favourite part of the song to work on?

I think my favourite part is the bridge, like the breakdown in the middle because it’s the form of somewhat psychedelic soul chords inside, but I really love the song. I mean it is among these songs and, it does not really happen a lot I actually can listen to an entire song I made from start to finish. And enjoy it rather than find fault with it. From everybody’s contribution, that one, the chords, the songs, the lyrics, the melody, the creation I truly do enjoy it.

Is it weird listening to your songs?

Actually I just landed in New York and you also know I used to grow up going to college and also listening to Z100 every morning. I asked the driver to turn it on to see if it would return, but sadly the 20 minutes I was in the car, it didn’t come on. There’s that thrill, like I remember the first time I ever heard”Uptown Funk” on the radio. I was in the back of a cab in New York. And, even though I didn’t hear it in the cab, I moved to Chelsea Markets and I moved into the butcher area and”Electricity” was playing on the radio. And I was like to the guy in his butcher apron,”I wrote this song” and he’s like,”Nice one.” It was kind of a New York moment. 

“Uptown Funk” is just one of your biggest hits, what is the story behind this?

I had worked together with Bruno Mars in his album, so I co-produced Locked Out of Heaven and a few songs. When it was time to perform in my album, obviously he’s among the most gifted producers/singer-performers I understand, so I was like hello Bruno I need you. And so 1 night we moved in the studio and we’ve just started jamming on devices, Bruno was on drums, so I was on bass, Jeff Bhasker was on secrets and kind of”Uptown Funk” was created out of that jam session. However, you know we are all perfectionists and have different tastes and everyone has different thoughts about the way the song was supposed to be so it actually kind of took 6 months to finish that song since we wanted it to be ideal or something that we all thought was terrific. That was something that was Bruno and Phil Lawrence from the Smeezingtons, in case you ever see Bruno function, it’s the guy with the glasses who’s always right next to him, he also writes all the songs too and you know these guys are so talented, it’s crazy.

We hear you’re a huge fan of AKG goods, do you use their cans when working in the studio? 

Well, they are amazing studio screens, so I absolutely use them for your studio, for singers when they are doing vocals, for monitoring. They have an remarkable lineage. You look like Stevie, Quincythese OG’s wearing them. They have an remarkable sound. It’s very pure and fair. It offer you bass that isn’t there personally and doesn’t lie to you. Plus theyrsquo;not just great for studio monitors, but they are obviously great for traveling cans. I rely on them on the go since lots of the days I do not get the job done on the notebook as Diplo, but I’m constantly having to monitor mixes, tweak things and do things. So I want the cans that I listen to, to be like studio quality things, so I like using the AKG’s when I’m on the street too.

You know everyone has a go-to song they listen to?

There’s two or three things because of course there’s a whole lot of music from the 70’s like Steely Dan and Stevie Wonder that is like incredibly well recorded and I enjoy listening to this, but when I can’t play with a new hip-hop course using eight-o-eights and possess it sound great in the cans, it’s kind of no point. Possibly the song”Off The Wall” from Michael Jackson,”Pegged” from Steely Dan and for something more contemporary I would listen to Tame Impala or some thing. 

N700NCHave you tried their newest N700NC headphones? 

Yes, I’ve tried them. They are amazing.

What’s your favourite feature about these types of headphones?

That’s the most significant thing for me personally, just the noise. Because we are all on the road so much, is that you need something that you can rely on, I think the most crucial thing about cans today. Like when you’re in a hotel room, when I’m monitoring mixes for the album I want to understand if it sounds exactly the same as it does on the fine speakers in Electric Lady. So that is the reason I really adore the AKG’s. 

So everybody’s wondering with the number of songs you have published as Silk City, are you guys going to release an album soon?

Hopefully, we have a great deal of other fantastic songs that we are all fond of. Clearly Wes has things going on with Major Lazer and I’ve already been working in my record also, but I would love to put out an album since we’ve got 4 or 5 songs that I really love and that sit together. I was really eager to come out with”Only Can Get Better” because our first song because this is a really great means of setting the tone and referring to some of the home music that we really like. We always understood that”Electricity” would be the larger pop only, but it would be really good to fill the dots with some of the album tracks too. 

Can there be anything next for Silk City other than a album that is potential?

To get Silk City, no. I mean we’ve got a type of about deck, but I suppose we need to get back into the studio. 

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