Tokyo Machine Is Back With “EPIC” New Single

Tokyo Machine’s”EPIC” is out now via Monstercat Uncaged Vol.6

Tokyo Machine has dropped another video-gamey bass house track sure make fans say,”Damn, that’s’EPIC.'” The course was published on Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 6. 

Tokyo Machine is famous for producing music inspired from the older school 8-bit video games we know and love. This time around, he gave”EPIC” an oceanic spin. With the noise of waves lacing the background and pirate whistling in the close, it feels as though you are transported to a episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. The drop is punchy having a nice amount of grit. Tokyo Machine is providing us an epic journey along the high bass house seas for this one. 

Tokyo Machine debuted on Monstercat back 2016 with”PARTY.” Known for his black mask and goggles using happy, upside-down triangles, his image is really a nod to television culture. His most downloaded song (as of March 2018) is”ROCK IT” with over three million flows on Spotify. Tokyo Machine is also the only artist to immediately look on several Rocket League compilations below one alias. He is also the only artist to get more than 1 song in a Rocket League x Monstercat album (“ROCK IT” and”FLY”).

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