Dance Meets Dancehall in “Rewind,” A Sensual, Smoldering Hit from Monom Records

Caribbean Music has a massive effect on the growth of dance music;”Rewind” is a perfect illustration of why.

During the last half of the influence of Caribbean music onto pop music as a whole, and also on dance’s growth, has been completely undeniable. From mega-hits like Rihanna and Drake’s “Work” to Skrillex along with Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” – along with countless other fantastic dancehall, dub, and reggae-inspired documents – Caribbean vibes have become pervasive throughout the area of music, and that infusion couldn’t be more exciting.

This influence has been more apparent than in Riddim Travelers’ brand new release Rewind,” on Monom Records. Mixing the legendary manufacturing chops of platinum hit-maker Alexx Antaeus (Riddim Travelers) with the sensual work of Atlanta-based soulstress Cherae and Jamaican singjay Dutchess, “Rewind” catches the gist of a club-ready dancehall album, while simultaneously adopting the tight structure and solid construction necessary for the FM radio strike.

Dripping having a sensuality certain to tantalize the ears and mind of the listener, Dutchess and Cherae’s outspoken operation on “Rewind” function as the perfect complement to each other, creating a perfect sonic contrast which can definitely leave you craving more. Dutchess comes rapping in her enchanting Jamaican accent, while Cherae gives a soothing serenade inside her sultry, R&B-fashion; a conflict of styles which is both erotic and mysterious.

1 thing is certain about Riddim Travelers’ “Rewind;” the refrain of “Hey DJ, play my song…” perfectly captures our feelings about this listing. Let us play it !! and rewind

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