Honorary Superheroes for the Day With Adventure Club [Interview]

Adventure Club conveys their thoughts about Ultra Music Festival not returning back to Bayfront Park, a glimpse within their Halloween tour, plus more.

There is a time in everyone’s life where they need to choose between good or bad. Undeniably, this choice can be one of the toughest they face. But this was not true for both Christian Srigley and Leighton James, who constitute the famous and GRAMMY-nominated digital dance music duo Adventure Club. The two artists decided the path to the good and light was one they knew at an early stage of their lifetimes. 

The journey to becoming a superhero is an uphill and downhill form of conflict. On the way, there’s a whole good deal of self-discovery. For Adventure Club, one of these exceptional experiences was starting a hardcore punk group in high school. The formation of the group in high school has been enough to ignite the fire causing the two to three venture away into dubstep and then dip their feet into the digital dance music arena. It was not till they saw massive success with their dubstep remix of “Daisy” by Brand New. Its success sparked a massive shift in the sort of music that these two generated and. 

Fast-forward to the current day and Adventure Club really has taken the world by storm and affecting life in a multitude of ways. They’ve created a brand that is recognizable instantly inside the dance music arena, headlined top-notch festivals such as Ultra Music Festival, TomorrowWorld, and Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. Their Superheroes Anonymous blends are very legendary as combinations that broadcast Adventure Club’s sound and attitudes. They were one of the first digital dance music duos to not be shy about sharing their love for heavy metal and stone, then integrating it in their combinations.

Adventure Club touched in Portland, Oregon to their sold-out show at the Roseland Theater on September 29. They have been kind enough to sit down and open about what the next chapters are for them. Please join us as we have a more in-depth look into what’s like to become a superhero with Adventure Club as they answer each of of the lovers who may be interested in Srigley’s scandalous Instagram posts, their responses to Ultra being kicked out of Bayfront Park, or even their new collaboration with Jauz and late We Came as Romans vocalist Kyle Pavone.

So, before the narrative of Adventure Club started you two began a hardcore punk group in high school. Some of the impacts were All Time Low, Bring Me The Horizon, along with Four Year Strong. In 2018, regrettably Vans Warped Tour announced that it was ending after 24 years. Did this festival have any effect on you as musicians?

Leighton: You understand how this creation right today has EDC and Ultra? Well, that was Warped Tour for us. That festival inspired all musically to us. It was my first festival. I recall watching the bands on the platforms.

Christian: That was the first festival that I attended. These were the golden times for songs like this. Some of the legacy acts from this era are still touring today.

In case you had to choose 1 hardcore punk rock song that would explain you back in the day, which song would it be?

Leighton: There certainly are a lot to go through in my catalogue. I Would Need to mention”The Taste of Ink” or”A Box Full Of Sharp Objects” – equally by The Used – and possibly”Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die” by Four Year Strong.

Christian: I am sticking with The Used. The Alchemy Index by Thrice is yet another important album we encourage.

Speaking of audio, Your most recent blend, Superheroes Anonymous 9: Survival, was released about three weeks ago. The preceding installment came out about a couple of years prior. Why the long wait for the next variant of Superheroes Anonymous when you published three in 2015?

Leighton: There are many replies we can give. I believe we needed to wait for the perfect time between touring and being in the studio. We needed to wait till we could create something that showed everyone the path we were carrying with our songs.

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Now your Superheroes Anonymous 4: Live On Tour Edition presented by EDM.COM. Looking back then to now, how do you think you have evolved as artists?

Christian: The industry and also the EDM umbrella has changed so fast. You look at genres . Rock you can categorize in decades, but you can’t do this with our spectacle.

Leighton: For rock songs, it is possible to say Led Zeppelin, and that classifies a decade to get rock music. Now it looks like every two months there’s a brand new hybrid of every genre. I really don’t believe we strive to play within that, but we still keep up with the scene in our manner without sacrificing ourselves. It doesn’t indicate that if we listen to a song and we get inspired by it we will not pull inspiration from it, however, we still do not chase the noises we allow that sound come to us.

Superheroes Anonymous: Cosmic Costume Party was recently announced. Have you got any thoughts what your outfits would be? 

Christian: Hmm, are we able to talk about doing it? Hmm. Let us speak about our first music video. Should you check out our songs “Everything to Me,” which continues on UKF Dubstep, that may give you a small indication for what’s to come to this Halloween. We have prepared something interesting, though, for certain.”

Now you have a track called “Frequency” with Jauz Ft. Kyle Pavone from We Came As Romans who sadly passed away in August. He was a big inspiration to both of you. How did the idea of the track form and who initially pushed for this epic collaboration?

Leighton: Jauz wanted to do a track with us forever. We both kind of had the same come up story regarding influences how we both loved the Vans Warped Tour scene. Adventure Club and Jauz both met Kyle, and we were all super nervous to meet him. We realized we were all on the same wavelength. Fast forward two years and we all thought it would be a great compassing track to make together.

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Tons of new music from you two is about to come out – including a possible new collaboration with Krewella, right? There was a tweet from you your account the other day that caught the eyes of many fans. Can you tell us anything about that?

Leighton: There is a track. It might be the next track that comes out. Long story short, we just signed with Ultra Music a couple of weeks ago so after that we have another track that will be dropped within a month or two.

Now, Ultra Music Festival has recently just been voted down to return to Bayfront Park in Miami. That is a festival you have played countless times. What was your reaction about the festival not returning to Bayfront Park for 2019?

Christian: I feel like that location is Ultra. However, I don’t think it will be detrimental to the brand. You can look at it as a progression.

Leighton: We were watching that unfold on the live stream. Ultra Music Festival was one of our first big North American festivals we ever landed, and it played a big role in the Adventure Club story – so to hear the news of the festival not returning to Bayfront was heartbreaking, but it is not that the brand still won’t be stable if not even stronger than before.

Have either of you had a moment while playing a set where you looked at one another and thought we finally achieved everything we wanted to? 

Leighton: It happens at almost every set. There is always this moment during a set where one of us fucked up, and the one guy looks at the other guy, and we have this look where its like,”Dude, come we had one occupation.” It always happens. Then there is, of course, that other moment where we look at each other and know it is all worth it.

Christian: I mean, you kind of get caught. You are doing this a lot where you are playing shows in different cities. There are moments where you will find yourself in this genuine moment where you’re like,”Holy shit, this is precisely what I am doing” You can get these beautiful moments because you are with thousands of people who are experiencing the same thing as you. Its a whole unity feeling and you can connect to that quite frequently. I had some teary-eyed moments on stage where I was just super grateful.

Christian, you have been making some pretty scandalous and somewhat risqué Instagram posts that have your fans going crazy. What finally convinced you to be active on Instagram?

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Christian: I’ve always had a strange relationship with social media. I feel like I am so stop and go with social media. I’m very private person and then you see pictures like that come out. We can thank my photographer for that one. I consented for that photo to be taken and posted.”

You guys have both been a huge inspiration to a lot of individuals, and even helped affect a whole great deal of manufacturing companies. Can you ever see yourselves opening a listing Label yourself?

Christian: Yeah, certainly! We have thought about it a whole lot, and that is a natural progression down the road. For me, that appears to be a real natural advancement helping the new folks coming up”

Leighton: I am always on SoundCloud trying to find new artists. We have always done that from the beginning and try to incorporate those artists into our sets. We love to help give as much publicity to those artists as we can because that is what happened to us.

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Make sure also to check out a funnier and relaxed portion of the interview where both Christian and Leighton play a rigorous game of”Would You Rather”


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