How A SoundCloud Repost Gave Rise to Major Label Artists Midnight Kids

Despite the backlash from SoundCloud, when it comes to discovering dance music ability that is emerging, it continues to be applicable.

Midnight Kids have experienced a whirlwind year. Despite just two original songs to their title, the duo has created every opportunity count. 

Their new release, “Serious” featuring dancing songs mainstay Matthew Koma, was released through RCA records.  It attained many New Music Friday placements on Spotify, and is now in rotation on Sirius XM’s BPM. All of this comes amid a series of shows the duo is playing on Alesso’s tour.

Before reaching countless ears on the airwaves and in the space, Midnight Kids started small on SoundCloud. They had just 200 followers. At the time, theyrsquo;d only released an unofficial bootleg remix of Zedd and Alessia Cara’s “Stay,” which incidentally obtained a repost from seasoned Monstercat manufacturer Mr. FijiWiji. 

That single act of engagement assisted the duo attain their manager, David Rishty. Recognizing the duo’s potential after viewing the repost in his SoundCloud feed, then Rishty achieved and signed Midnight Kids to his company, Exchange Management. Artists would deny that partnership started off the duo on the perfect foot, and the music business is a team effort.

Looking back on their success because, the duo claims SoundCloud was essential to their breakthrough. During the past several months, SoundCloud has been in the headlines for all of the wrong reasons, however, Midnight Kids’ narrative serves as a reminder which unsigned artists should not be fast to disqualify the platform. 

In Midnight Kids’ instance, their bootleg remix of “Stay” couldn’t have existed on Spotify or YouTube awarded the copyright procedures in place. While artists who have recently been exposed to this mismanagement of the content on SoundCloud have every right to be upset, the platform continues to serve an important usefulness in the dancing music ecosystem. A decline from the stage ’s user base would levy a loss to supervisors and artists in the dancing music area.

Even though Midnight Kids have additionally parlayed their growth SoundCloud to platforms such as Spotify in which they now boast ~250K monthly listeners, their narrative remains testament to SoundCloud’s unique ability to help artists take their initial steps in building audiences and locating potential team members exude talent.

“Without SoundCloud, lots of the artists we hear and also have been inspired by would’ve never revealed on our radar. With everyone’s capacity to repost it makes it much more easy to find smaller acts who are incredibly talented. Our manager Dave found us through a few of those reposts, when nominated artist Mr. FijiWiji reposted our remix of Zedd’s”Stay” in his profile. In the time we had 200 or so followersbut Dave watched something unique wanted to become a part of the team. ” – Midnight Kids

Check out Midnight Kids’ fresh tune “Serious” with Matthew Koma, and also be on the watch for this duo at a town close to you.

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