UK House Artist Friend Within Makes His Beats 1 One Mix Debut [INTERVIEW]

When Lee Mortimer got tired away electro, he made the jump and turned into Friend Within.

UK producer Friend Within makes his debut on Beats 1’s tv show One Mix this weekend. Anticipate an hour of amazing home music from the likes of Kettama, Disclosure, Paul Woolford, Riva Starr, along with Anti Up.

Song in here.  Air Date: Friday 23rd November 2018 – 21:00 LA / 00:00 NY / 05:00 LDN

Buddy Within (real name Lee Mortimer) popped up from nowhere in 2013. Originally, he kept his identity anonymous. Throughout a brand new email address, Mortimer delivered some Friend Within monitors to labels such as Claude VonStroke’s Dirtybird Records hoping for the best.

The anonymous emails earned Mortimer signings for his Friend Within moniker, and attention was drawn by the puzzle. Given the strength of Friend Within’s rsquo; t that he definitely had prior experience producing, and a newbie songs & first monitors, people knew that he wasn.

Eventually, Mortimer’s identity was made public, stripping off the puzzle from the Liverpool manufacturer ’s heritage in music. Turns out, Mortimer got his start earning electro throughout the big room boom cooperating with prominent musicians such as Laidback Luke.

So Celebrate a brand new alias and lose the design? At a past interview, Mortimer asserted that it was “getting a bit too noisy for me personally, and electro was going a bit mad. ”

The move to home is logical. It’s genre that may not always be at the center-stage of music, but the genre’s legion of fans never seems to dissipate.

And of course, Mortimer’s earlier songs the stage, was jacking Chicago home. Forward-thinking UK artists such as Disclosure, Eats Everything, and Shadow Child were climbing in fame when he adopted the Friend Within alias too, a enormous influence on Mortimer’s budding passion for house music.

Since his jump to music along with also the Friend Within moniker, Mortimer’s seen his fair share of success. Radio plays by Skream, Benga, also Annie Mac gained much attention, and acclaimed releases on Dirtybird, Hypercolour and Disclosure’s Method Records cemented his impressive take.

Mortimer has also played in virtually every significant town in the UK, even supporting Disclosure on excursion. Once, he even heard Sam Smith singing in the shower backstage!

Mortimer revealed that and much more as he answered some questions for us ahead of his introduction One Mix that weekend. Continue reading for insights like favourite throwback track his pleasure album, fantasy collaborator, and more. First display expertise? 

Buddy Within: DJ-ing at the Reading University student union. My brother got me the gig as he studied there. I played with trance for 2 hours and they requested me back to play with their summer match!

First time you brought your mom to one of your displays? 

My parents were to one Friend Within gig and it was only a few miles from where they dwelt.

The artist who inspired you to be a musician? 

I remember hearing a Derrick Carter mixture and it blew my mind. It was similar to the songs I’d been looking for my entire life.

Go-to areas for music? 

Promo inbox.

Guilty fun record? 

“Can’t Stop The Feeling” from Justin Timberlake.

Desert-island dance album? 

“Billie Jean” from Michael Jackson. I predict that dance songs.

Fantasy B2B spouse? 

Derrick Carter.

Favorite BPM? 


Piece of gear you need on the street? 

USB stick.

Favorite festival? 

Secret Garden Party — regrettably no longer with us.

Biggest misconception about dance music? 

You don’t need to be drunk or off of your head to have a fantastic time. 

How often do you have fun and get out, and where do you go? 

If I’m not DJing afterward I’m very rarely in a club. A nice boozer with friends and my spouse is an excellent place.

City using the dance arena that is most underrated? 

There are some very small towns in Ireland that amaze me. I played outside of Cork to 5,000 individuals. Mental.

Industry prediction for the next year? 

Dance act to headline Glastonbury.

Best piece of advice? 

Stay away from the bible. Try to be ahead of the game. Your thoughts are more important than any equipment you feel you require. 

Dead or alive, who would be your fantasy collaborator? 


What’s among those distinctive adventures you’t had backstage? 

When I toured with Disclosure I discovered Sam Smith singing in the shower at the backroom. It was among the best things I&rsquo.

A special travel experience you&rsquo? 

My first gig overseas ended up with me on the roof of the promoter’s home hoping to wake him up at 6:00 AM to allow me . After failing to wake him by throwing a frisbee at his bedroom 15, this was.

What’s your favourite throwback track? 

“Renegade Master” from Wildchild.

What’s one track that fans always lose their mind to? 

“The Renegade” still does the company.

What was the first album you ever purchased? 

It was a cassette tape called Maximum Rave.

Name one remix that you believe is much better than the original. 

Gerd Janson’s re-works of “Don’t Go” by Awesome 3

What song do you need (god forbid) played at your funeral? 

“You’ll Never Walk Alone,” the Liverpool football club anthem.

What’s the sunset track? 

“At The River” from Groove Armada.

What tune do you listen to cheer yourself ? 

Whatever Friend Within!

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