Underground Vibes Of The Week / 017

Zimmer, Tails, DEFFIE and more featured on this week’s installment.

Welcome to Underground Vibes Of The Week, the place to find new music. No matter whether it is snare, house or ambient, heavy and dim or bright and bouncy; whether it is a vibe it goes here. 

This week’s feature includes stone like forward-thinking”Skeleton” by Tails & inverness, amazing house work by the likes of Mad Rey and Aerial Boy, volatile bangers by DOJO! And Kantor, and far more. 

“Wildflowers” ft. Panama – Zimmer

Right before he introduced his live tour to the US and Canada, French manufacturer Zimmer released his latest single,”Wildflowers,” with vocal assistance from Panama, a laidback jam driven by analog synths and minimal drums. 

“7Hills” (Mad Rey Remix) – Black Loops

Premiered by Chase The Compass, manufacturer Mad Rey gives his take on”7Hills” by Black Loops, taking the soulful dance flooring jewel to the next level. 

“Come Alive” (Hood Rich Remix) – Double Agent

Hood Rich turns Double Agent’s inspiring track”Come Alive” to a late-night, menacing vibe. 

“Faith” – Aerial Boy

Together with his debut EP AB 01, Aerial Boy really showcased his ability to produce atmospheric, groovy house stones which are short yet super sweet. 

“Lafayette” – Cassian

Analog vibes are scattered all over this course by Cassian, that stumbled on his first-ever live tour supporting RÜFÜS DU SOL at the U.S. and Canada. 

“Skeleton” ft. Nevve – Tails & inverness 

Tails & inverness nailed this bouncy song with help from vocalist Nevve.  It cut through the noise and captured the attention of this mythical RL Grime, that showcased the track from his Halloween VII mix. 

“Bad For You” ft. Trove – Jinco

Jinco’s latest launch on Elysian Records is absolute R&B beats until objects switch up on the drop, which is dominated by sharp saws and wonky drums. 

“I Can’t” ft. lulunah – Chris Siegel

Chris Siegel and vocalist lulunah really put in an attempt to make”I Can’t” as adorable as possible. Clicky drums, bright synths and playful leads go crazy across lulunah’s vocals, which makes for a super enjoyable song. 

“ANTHEM” ft. Lukrative, hyperforms, COSMIC, NightGrind, noax, SYNC, vowl., & NOIXES

“ANTHEM” is arguably one of the very exciting collaborative efforts to come out of this SoundCloud scene in a long time, acquiring a number of the most promising abilities go back for an epic half an hour.

“Breakdown” ft. Axel Folie – DEFFIE 

DEFFIE’s most current offering is an easy yet effective beat, having an unexpected switch up from the second half. 


“ELYTRA” is one of DOJO! ‘s most experimental tunes yet, going through different transitions that fortify its psychedelic sense. 

“Sonic” – Kantor

Up-and-comer Kantor doesn’t hold anything back in this volatile tune that phases between snare, future drum and bass and bass. 

“Ghost Of A Friend” ft. Koo – Trivecta

“Ghost Of A Friend” certainly marks a new leadership for Trivecta as he is known for his unmistakable dubstep releases. The artist confessed that his great buddy Nicolas Varien Kaelar (known much better from the electronic music world just as Varien) really loved the tune and forced him to launch it. 

“Listerine” ft. Emmett McCleary – Fla.mingo

Fla.mingo hit the mark with his most recent release, a unique, soulful gem with vocals by Emmett McCleary. 

“6th” – homework  

“6th” slowly builds up the atmosphere before fully transitioning to a laid back, lo-fi beat. 

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