Bruce Springsteen Will Not Tour With The E Street Band In 2019

Following Saturday, December 15 Bruce Springsteen will play his last of 236 Springsteen On Broadway shows at Walter Kerr Theatre on Broadway in New York City. The Boss lately spoke with The Times about the conduct, politics as well as his future plans. Springsteen excited fans by implying he would mess with the E Street Band in 2019. However, Bruce simply issued a statement walking the and left it apparent the band will need to wait until at least 2020 “ .

The New Jersey native said “he’ll be getting back to his day job a year ago,” that The Times noted with the E Street Band including UK dates. Even though Springsteen fans were repeatedly impressed with enthusiasm about the return of the beloved band, guitarist Stevie Van Zandt chose to Twitter to say “There are not any plans for E Street Touring at 2019 right today. ”

This day, Bruce Springsteen made it apparent Van Zandt was ideal. “Just a note to quell some of the rumors over here on E Street,” The Boss began. “While we hope to reunite with you soon, the E Street Band won’t be touring in 2019. ” Springsteen proceeded to state he’ll be taking a well deserved break and will spend some time dealing with “different recording projects I’ve been working on. ” Here’s the full statement from Bruce Springsteen:

springsteen 2019 statement

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