Dave Grohl & Eric Church Help Warren Haynes Close Out Christmas Jam 30 In Asheville

Asheville, North Carolina usually averages 12 inches of snow per year, which provides an notion of how unusual it is that one storm alone could bring over eight inches of snow to the region. Yet for the second year in a row, even a major snowstorm came through Asheville through Warren Haynes’ Christmas Jam that abandoned town a beautiful but dangerous mess. However, the show went on in the U.S. Cellular Center on Saturday for its second of 2 nights (first night watch here) that shaped the 30th Annual Warren Haynes Presents The Christmas Jam to benefit the Asheville place Habitat For Humanity.

The tradition began when Warren piled up a set of his musical friends to play the Asheville team 45 Cherry at only weeks until he received a telephone to join The Allman Brothers Band. Haynes opened the activity on Saturday by acting with several these musicians who participate in the Christmas Jam. The guitarist noted that the group would be called the 45 Cherry Band. Warren, Mike Barnes, Rocky Lindsley, Jim Mascari and Johnny Jump went with “Just Before The Bullets Fly” to kick off the set that was short. Haynes co-wrote the song to get Gregg Allman’s 1988 album of the identical name. Next, Jeff Anders swapped in for Mike Barnes onto a gorgeous cover of U2’s “One. ” Philip Ashley subsequently came for one of Warren Haynes’ signature tunes, “Soulshine. ”

Warren moved to both sides of the stage while the principal portion was changed around for Joe Bonamassa’therefore set. The host completed a solo electric rendition of “The Real Thing. ” Haynes stuck about to accompany Bonamassa on Joe’s “If Heartaches Were Nickels. ” Joe Bonamassa subsequently headed over to the main stage where his group was waiting for him. The blues-rock guitarist and his gifted outfit reeled off a pay after another including Jeff Beck’s “Beck’s Bolero”& “Rice Pudding,” Cream’s & & ldquo;SWLABR” and Led Zeppelin’s & & ldquo;How Many More Times. ” Bonamassa noticed after having to overlook the 2016 occasion due to illness he was to participate. He said it was rsquo & the group;s last and 112th functionality of 2018.

Christmas Jam routine Edwin McCain kept the music heading by beginning his “I’ve Seen A Love” on the side stage only after the conclusion of Bonamassa’s set. Kevn Kinney came outside to do Drivin’ N Cryin’ basic “Friend Song” until Haynes returned to augment the set on “I Shall Be Released. ” Warren clarified that Kevn and Edwin have played than anybody else besides him. The guitarist noticed that while they’ve performed “I Shall Be Released,” they simply couldn’t miss the chance to pay the song in the 30th annual Christmas Jam. Asheville’s Tyler Ramsey continued the audio onto the side stage while the most important stage was turned over. Ramsey completed the pretty “1000 Blackbirds” and then teamed with Jimmy Vivino to get George Harrison’s “Isn’Can It A Pity. ” The prior Band Of Horses guitarist seemed pleasantly surprised to watch Vivino emerge from the wings to join him and had a enormous grin when Jimmy inserted a portion of “Hey Jude” towards the end of “Isn’Can It A Pity. ”

My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James was up next on the Primary stage. While Jim has been focusing on solo exhibits within the previous few months, he reunited his solo group for its Christmas Jam set. The group put its focus on numbers from Uniform Distortion including “Just A Fool,” & & ldquo;You Get To Rome& ” & & ldquo;No Secrets” and “No Use Waiting” and “Over & Over. ” James finished the set with all the pairing of “A New Life” and “State Of The Art (A.E.I.O.U.) from 2013’s Regions Of Light And Sound Of God.

Jim James Christmas Jam

Photo from Ian Rawn

Guitarist/vocalist Joanne Shaw Taylor fronted a band comprising drummer Rocky Lindsley and bassist Johnny Jump on her “No Reason To Stay” straight back to the side stage. The trio slayed Joanne’ldquo & s;Time Has Come. ” Shaw Taylor’s fretboard theatrics were on screen over the course of the two tunes as well as the “Goin’ Down” (Freddie King) finale.

Among the more peculiar sets in Christmas Jam history came next, as Dave Grohl led the introduction performance of his or her ldquo;Play” suite. Grohl was on drums, whilst producer Greg Kurstin had been on secrets, Foo Fighters collaborator Chris Chaney played bass, Drew Hester handled percussion duties and Barrett Jones, Jason Falkner and Alain Johannes gave the song its triple-guitar attack. The newly-formed band nailed Dave’s composition and enlarged it slightly prior to vacating the stage.

Gov’t Mule drummer Matt Abts led a infrequent Planet of the Abts set with guitarist T-Bone Anderson and Mule bassist Jorgen Carlsson over the side stage . North Carolina’s Eric Church continued the action on the most important stage. Church played a few songs solo acoustic including “Desparate Man” and “Record Year” until he had been endorsed by a group that featured Warren Haynes and Audley Freed on guitar. Eric centered on covers for the Entire band portion of the set such as The Allman Brothers Band’s “Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More,” Bruce Springsteen’s “Atlantic City,” the blues regular “Diddy Wah Diddy” and “The Weight” from The Band.

Dave Grohl Christmas Jam

Photo from Ian Rawn

A surprise moment followed on the side stage as Dave Grohl awakened with Warren Haynes for a duet about the Foo Fighters classic “Times Like These. ” Grohl then conducted perhaps his signature song, “Everlong. ” After a Couple of minutes, the side stage was set up for Vivino and also Freed to lead the Xmas Jam House Band on Blind Faith’s “Can’t Find My Way Home. ” Kevn Kinney subsequently emerged to get a rendition of all “Underground Umbrella” that featured a The Who teases within.

Gov’t Mule attracted the 30th annual Christmas Jam having a set to a finish. The quartet took the stage with Grohl to get a cover of Neil Young’s “Rockin’ In The Free World” comprising a bit of Band Of Gypsys’ “Machine Gun” at the middle. Mule went at it alone for “Thorazine Shuffle” and “Revolution Come, Revolution Go. ” Vocalists Machan Taylor and Mini Carlsson contributed to “Million Mile From Yesterday” and “Dreams & Songs. ” The night finished with Barnes and Ron Holloway adding to “Red Baron” and Freed and Holloway helping on “Mule. ”

Photos by Ian Rawn

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Pro-Shot Videos

Gov’t Mule w/ Dave Grohl – Rockin’ In The Free World

Eric Church – Desperate Man

Jim James – Just A Fool

Joe Bonamassa – Beck’s Bolero/Rice Pudding

Warren Haynes & 45 Cherry Band – Just Before The Bullets Fly

Fan-Shot Videos

Warren Hayes – The Real Thing recorded by rohbear1

Warren Haynes & Joe Bonamassa – If Heartaches Were Nickels recorded by rohbear1

Joe Bonamassa – Spanish Boots recorded by rohbear1

Gov’t Mule – Thorazine Shuffle caught by rohbear1


Warren Haynes & 45 Cherry Band

Place: Just Before The Bullets Fly (Mike Barnes, Rocky Lindsley, Jim Mascari, Johnny Jump), One (Rocky Lindsley, Jim Mascari, Jeff Anders, Johnny Jump), Soulshine (Rocky Lindsley, Jim Mascari, Jack Mascari, Philip Ashley)

Warren Haynes

Establish: The Real Thing, If Heartaches Were Nickels (w/ Joe Bonamassa)

Joe Bonamassa

Establish: Beck’s Bolero > Rice Pudding, Spanish Boots, SWLABR, I Can’t Quit You Baby > How Many More Times

Edwin McCain

Establish: I’ve Seen A Love, Friend Song (w/ Kevn Kinney), I Shall Be Released (w/ Kevn Kinney & Warren Haynes)

Tyler Ramsey

Place: 1000 Blackbirds, Isn’t It A Pity (w/ Jimmy Vivino)

Jim James

Place: Just A Fool, Throwback, You Get To Rome, Here In Spirit, Over & Over, No Use Waiting, No Secrets, A New Life > State Of The Art (A.E.I.O.U.)

Joanne Shaw Taylor, Rocky Lindsley & Johnny Jump

Establish: No Reason To Stay, Time Has Come, Going Down

Dave Grohl

Place: Play

Planet Of The Abts

Establish: Off The Hook, I’m Telling You, Children Of The Revolution

Eric Church

Establish: Desperate Man, Record Year, Carolina, Smoke A Little Smoke, Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More, Atlantic City, Diddy Wah Diddy, The Weight

Dave Grohl

Establish: Times Like These (w/ Warren Haynes), Everlong

Xmas Jam House Band

Establish: Can’t Find My Way Home, Underground Umbrella,

Gov’t Mule

Place: Rockin’ In The Free World (w/ Dave Grohl) > Machine Gun Jam (w/ Dave Grohl) > Rockin’ In The Free World (w/ Dave Grohl), Thorazine Shuffle, Revolution Come Revolution Go, Million Miles From Yesterday (w/ Machan Taylor & Mini Carlsson), Dreams & Songs (w/ Machan Taylor & Mini Carlsson), Red Baron (w/ Mike Barnes & Ron Holloway), Mule (w/ Audley Freed & Ron Holloway)

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