Denver’s 10 Coziest Cocktail Bars

Bundling up with a comforter and a pair of fuzzy socks isn’t the only method to receive this year.

We’ve found comfort in the warm corners of Denver’s coziest bars. With a jazz band rolling on in the smell of freshly manicured cocktails at the atmosphere and the background life can seem miles away while you lounge and sip loved ones. Whether it s 15 degrees and snowing or 50 degrees and sunny, that’s exactly what Denver’s coziest bars have to offer.  As winter begins to settle in, we re drawn to the boozy areas which can be found around the Mile High City. If you like to enjoy a cider on the stones after a very long day on the slopes or sip on something smokey to heat up, Denver has a drink for you and a pub. By RiNo into Englewood, there are comfy bars using a seat and a sip certain to warm even the coldest of feet this year. And we ve put together a listing of our favorites Only

Greenlight Lab
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Where: 1336 27th St, Denver.

The Lowdown: The concept of Greenlight Lab started nearly two years back in a comfortable upper-northside New York pub. The couple was so impressed with dim lighting, low music and crafted beverages that they decided to start one of their very own.

“My wife made the error of stating ‘when we have a pub, I’d need it to be small and comfy like this, location where the music isn’t overly loud and the drinks are so great. ’ All I heard was, we all can have a pub,” laughed owner Brandon Anderson. And that’s exactly what Anderson and his wife created — a distance which has now made it into our top 10 listing of Denver’so called Coziest Bars. Greenlight Lab is little, developing a feeling of closeness between the bartender and the visitor, but the ambiance isn’t the sole reason that this pub is made our record. At Greenlight Lab guests have been encouraged to not only allow the bartender to make them a beverage that they’ve never had but additionally vote on the menu and also vote on the furniture. And since this bar is linked to a design studio that the furniture is rotating according to customer feedback. We can t think of anything cozier than snuggling up in a place.

What to order: The Hunter ($15)

Union Lodge No. 1
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Where: 1543 Champa St, Denver.

The Lowdown: Paying tribute to the authentic American bars of this late 19th century, this little space in LoDo is so comfy that once you’ve settled in, you still ’ll never wish to leave. From the worn brick walls into the canvas-bound menus and the weathered American flag behind the pub, Union Lodge No. 1 offers an authentic kind of old-timey comfort that couple of bars in this town can match. Bar supervisor Colin Overett looked for something to heat people up after events and winter parades which frequent the streets surrounding Union Lodge. And according to him, they “ decided to perform sexy classic ’ s that ’ s,” like the Tom & Jerry, a Irish Coffee and a veggie. Although this cider sticks to several of the traditional elements, it does have a few twists which make it unique — such as a cinnamon clove, cranberry, rosemary and Genepi (a classic European herbal liquor).

What to order: A Night Among The Fire ($14)

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Englewood Grand
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Where: 3435 S Broadway, Englewood.

The Lowdown: When Phil and Erika Zierke transferred to Englewood in 2009 they assembled what they needed — a neighborhood pub. The outcome is a place where the mailman or the couple next door can come to kick back and feel in your home. An area for neighborhood beer, with no cocktail list without a pretention, live conversation and over all — neighborhood, sparking.

“When we opened people were like, you gotta have a cocktail menu,” said Phil. “But I didn&rsquo. I’ve a love for places that do this but it feels to me that when you do the concentrated cocktail menu that the emphasis becomes about that ’s in the glass, as opposed to the individual drinking it. ”

From the “Englewood” mosaic over the doorway (made one tile at a time by Erika) into the end grain flooring which Phil (by hand) built from 16,000 slices of four by four’s, Englewood Grand has quite literally been planted together piece by piece. The chairs that encircle the perfect side of this space are nearly 100-year-old antiques by the Englewood Odd Fellow’s Lodge, also also people along with several other features of the quaint distance are locally located. And this season, the distance gets even cozier when both decorate the bar, head to toe, in holiday garb. By wreaths on the door and the back of each seat to a vast live Christmas tree in the entrance — Englewood Grand is a holiday lovers paradise (they even have complimentary stationery for visitors to write notes to family members.)  And if you’re among those who rarely ventures beyond the bars of RiNo and LoDo, we invite you to provide this particular Englewood gem a go.

What to order: This pub, unlike many in Denver, does not own a cocktail menu. They do have bartenders with years of expertise. We recommend begging them to recreate that the holiday encounter (prices change ) that they served at the Kris Kringlewood Bar Crawl.

Green Russell
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Where: 1422 Larimer St, Denver.

The Lowdown: The Green Russell was a Denver drinkers staple because before cocktails were trendy in the Mile High City. Plus it s no question regarding why. This enchanting bar is situated underground, and several things can spur that comfy winter-time feeling as tucking away with a loved one from the corners of a darkened pub. The absolute shadow of this Green Russell was sufficient to create it a place on the list, and of course that the weathered rock walls and subdued light which barely illuminates the distance. With beverages that combine science and mixology, this subterranean pub is the best spot for those looking to escape the cold and experience something unique in both drink and location.

What to order: Hokus Pokus ($28)

Ste. Ellie
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Where: 1553 Platte St, Denver.

The Lowdown: Ste. Ellie is yet another hidden gem in Denver’s enormous pub scene. Hidden underground adjacent to Colt and Gray, this cozy bar is an elegant group of bright marble, deep plush booths, low ceilings and magnificent cocktails. Flanked by thick velvet curtains and mirrored partitions, Ste. Ellie’s petite space offers both intimate booths for couples and stool seating for individuals drinking solo at their pub. Although you may have a difficult time finding your way through the dimly-lit area — once your eyes adjust there’s not any better place to enjoy a romantic conversation over drinks. From rare bottles of Pappy Van Winkle into proper classics and winter-time spins like the Peach Diggity, Ste. Ellie’s beverages are as intimate as the distance. The Peach Diggity, for example, was established (based on pub manager Dion Griego) when a portion of his bartenders (who labored at a tea shop) sparked his interest . Griego and his team subsequently made a seasonal beverage from cherry tea and also the Peach Diggity was first born. So whether you’re searching for a craft cocktail or simply trying to find a comfy winter-time date place, Ste. Ellie has each of the above and though it could take a little searching to find it, trust us, it’s worth the search.

What to order: Peach Diggity ($15)

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Suite 6A
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Where: Second floor, 1280 25th St, Denver.

The Lowdown: Suite 6A is the pub to start within The Ramble Hotel. Taking inspiration from the customized ambiance of Death & Co’s original New York City place, this distance seats a 21 guests at a time. It’s low ceilings, dark leather chairs and dim lighting provide a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the major lobby bar  — especially for those looking to acquire a taste of this flagship place. And anybody who has had a chance to snag a seat within this little space may vouch for the truth that every aspect of Suite 6A is comfy. From the intimate service, with bartenders who have the opportunity to explain the history of Death & Co to each guests and talk with them in their specific boozy preferences, into the lush chairs which adopt guests from all sides and the simple fact that this distance is literally surrounded on all sides by heavy velvet drapes that block out light, Death & Co Denver’s and final bar is just about as snug as it captures.

What to order: Clay Pigeons ($14)

Williams & Graham
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Where: 3160 Tejon St, Denver.

The Lowdown: For many, there’s nothing cozier than the rich smell of a room full of leather-bound pages. Bookstores are an age-old representation of closeness and comfort, bringing a level of coziness that modern bars fail to provide. There’s one thing, but that the partitions of a normal library or book don’t even need — booze. Denver’s Williams and Graham is currently solving this dilemma by taking all you adore about the publication down the street and pairing it with everything you adore about craft cocktail bars. Positioned in the World’s 50 Best Bars, this LoHi hot place was recognized for its distinctive qualities both in Colorado and globally and it’s no wonder that it made our 2018 listing. The sheer truth that this corner is concealed behind a bookshelf is comfy in and of itself, and of course that the dark wood booth, low desk style lighting and intimate service that any Williams and Graham guest may finally get.

What to order: Bear and Back Again ($15)

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Where: 1330 27th St, Denver.

The Lowdown: Imagine this — you’re cozied up next to a honey on a small sectional, sipping a stiff drink as a live jazz band plays from the backdrop. That can be Nocturne — possibly Denver’s intimate Jazz pub. And for this reason, it has made our 2018 record of Denver’so called Coziest Cocktail Bars. Since the sun sets on the Mile High City, Nocturne transforms into a candlelit oasis of excellent jazz, excellent drinks and comfy vibes. They have seating tables for parties that are larger, for couples and all of them have an ideal view of this band. And while the music plays a huge roll in this bars coziness factor, the cocktails add a element that is necessary. With house-drinks like the Wintered Sazerac, a drama on the original, made using Hennessy VSOP Cognac, which lead bartender Topher Hartfield clarifies as “a more gorgeous expression with [flavors such as ] tea, small bits of leather,” and Calvados, a French liquor that adds depth with accents of apple and pear, Nocturne has both the ambiance and the beverages to keep us returning back on cold days.

What to order: Wintered Sazerac ($12)

Bar Fausto
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Where: 3126 Larimer St, Denver.

The Lowdown: If you input Bar Fausto while sunlight is up, then you may not know why we added this RiNo distance to our listing. Through the hours that are lighter, Bar Fausto is an urban-edgy space full of light and great vibes. However, when it ’ s dark, if you return you’ll know why this pub made our listing. At night it transforms into a cove. The whole wall is composed of shelves full of spirits and the beige wool lamps give a warm glow to the space. Additionally, each booth is outfitted with a little light that somewhat resembles something which Thomas Edison would have experienced in his analysis. Bar Fausto’s unassuming exterior may not be the very first thing you see while driving Larimer, however we invite you to provide this urban place a trip on your next winter-time pub crawl (and attempt a #21 while you’re there, couple of things warm the soul like brown butter and whiskey.)

What to order: #21 ($12)

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Hudson Hill
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Where:  619 E 13th Ave, Denver. 

The Lowdown: Hudson Hill is comfy day and evening. In reality, this Capitol Hill staple caters to people looking to snuggle up with a hot coffee and have some work completed in addition to those searching for a space that is snug to get boozy. And while the majority of our record is composed of small, brightly colored nooks equipped with candlelight and dark wood, Hudson Hill is a type of comfy. This distance is really a home away from home, where guests can grab a couch or a chair, settle in and keep out of their morning latte all the way to happy hour. With cushions on every seat and bartenders that appeal to your every need, Hudson Hill is a escape for all sorts of bar-goers also it s coziness factor transfers brilliantly to night from day time.

What to order: City Witch ($12)

(Not all of the cocktails included within the piece are about the menu, however they can all be ordered. Simply say the name of this beverage and he or she can replicate the featured drink.) 

All pictures by Brittni Bell Photo.  

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