Insomniac Accidentally Mass Shares Festival Passport

In an email mixup, the promoter delivered out the Insomniac Passport to a wider audience than intended.

The Insomniac headquarters faced minor technical issues . Fans of the event company were emailed an early invitation to buy the new Insomniac Passport, letting holiday fans to pay a set price and access all Insomniac events. 

This email was not meant for everybody.  As a result of mixup on the platform, the email had been delivered to the masses enclosing the few for which it had been meant. Fans aren’t delighted with the exclusivity of the moves. Reddit is currently swarming with people trying to find out the password to gain access to buying. 

Those lucky enough to have received the correspondence will get a substantial discount on all the company’s major festivals.  Included with all the overhaul are HARD Summer Day of the Dead, equally EDC Las Vegas and Orlando, Electric Forest, Escape, Countdown, Factory 93 along with the concert series at the NOS Events (CrushWe Are NRG, Project Z, Bassrush Massive, Wasteland, etc). To top it off, Insomniac events at the Hollywood Palladium and also The Belasco will be on the list. 

The 3 choices for buy are as follows:

A California holiday option, costing $50 a month and giving you access to all the California festivals on Insomniac’s listing,A US holiday option for $60 a month, including festivals like EDC and Forest, which aren’t situated in California, along with the California festivals,A “US Max” option for $80 a month, including most of Insomniac festivals, concerts, and raves.

In addition to the monthly fee, you spend $20 per event and get benefits like priority access, a dedicated entry, along with other perks.

Insomniac is following Live Nation’s lead with the concept of a festival passport. A couple of years ago they launched their own model which gave concert fans the option pay a set price and gain entry to over 100 festivals. Next year re establishing a Lawn Pass for 2019, giving individuals access to concerts for a flat price for this particular year.

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