Japanese Producer Taku Takahashi Collabs on Bizarre, Pubic Hair-Inspired Video

“Pubic Hair Grooving” is a odd advertising stunt indeed.

Some jokes stay hilarious after their nuances appear to have been lost in translation. In an attempt to create buzz around their new brand, Japanese epilation website Datsumou Recipe entrusted manufacturer Taku Takahashi to provide”In Motion” in hopes the song motivates girls to groom their own pubic hair.

Make no mistake, however – without the unorthodox campaign assemble from Ningen Inc, the wordless monitor would have nothing to do with pubic hair. A part of the advertising agency created the tenuous connection between the form of hairs and waveforms and constructed the entire stunt out from there. Somehow, enough folks believed it was a fantastic thought that”Pubic Hair Grooving” includes its own microsite.

“It wasn’t easy taming these unruly notes into a piece of music,” said Takahashi in a media announcement. He proceeded to explain”In Motion” as a song that’s “a bit melancholic, almost tugs at your heartstrings. ”

In the corresponding movie, Yoichi Hanaoka of Ningen Inc. talked on Datsumou Recipe’s special challenge for a hair removal website targeted towards the Japanese marketplace”Only a very small percentage of Japanese women groom their pubic hair,” he said. “In America, more than 80% of women do.”

It was seen if Taku Takahashi will partner with Datsumou Recipe on a different pubic only.

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