Feed Me to Reincarnate Teeth Stage Show in 2019

Feed Me with Teeth is currently gearing up for a successful return.

Few EDM acts can say they’ve stage appear as unforgettable as this of Feed Me, but his fans haven’t been treated to the spectacle too. This calendar year that seems to alter , nonetheless. The English DJ/producer has revealed in no uncertain terms that Feed Me with Teeth will probably return in 2019.

Feed Me (actual name Jon Gooch) declared yesterday that he needed a brand new album titled High Street Creeps about the way. If performances would coincide with the effort when he was asked by lovers, he reacted with news sure to stir up his fan base.

U.K. fans might need to wait more for Teeth to make an appearance near them, however. Gooch went on to clarify that because the installation is currently in storage Stateside, North American shows will require priority.

Gooch climbed to fame concurrent with all the EDM explosion debuting on Mau5trap at 2010 using an EP titled Feed Me’s Big Adventure. Prior to this, he produced bass and drum beneath a project called Spor – for which he published the very first album, titled Caligo at 2015.

Feed Me will perform at Beyond Wonderland at Southern California on March 22nd and 23rd, but he has yet to disclose any additional 2019 tour dates in the time of writing.


Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/feedmeTwitter: https://twitter.com/feedmeInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/feedme/

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