REPORT: Mark Zuckerberg Trying To Get Teens Back On Facebook with ‘LOL’ Meme Hub

Mark Zuckerberg will stop at nothing till every individual is about Facebook — so it seems.

According to numerous accounts , he’s looking to methods to reel the teens back into his flagship social networking platform. — was ’ ve become diverted engulfed by them in hotter apps like Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok. He’s not having that.

Sources near Facebook state Zuckerberg has spent months assembling what’s being called LOL. The specialty feed is expected to concentrate on meme-like shares, funny videos and other GIF-like clips. Categories are to comprise “Animals,” “Fails,” “Pranks” and a dedicated “For You” feed.

TechCrunch gets got the scoop on LOL. Apparently 100 high school students have been utilizing LOL. Needless to say, they signed non-disclosure agreements and had their parents sign.

Speaking to TechCrunch, an interior source calls for the new LOL “cringey,” in it seems to be an effort for Facebook to become cool and hip with the children. Well, that’s exactly what it’so trying to do, to make perfect sense.

We’ll have wait and find out if LOL really rolls out to its Facebook users.

Resource: TechCrunch

This article was first printed on Your EDM. Resource: REPORT: Mark Zuckerberg Trying To Get Teens Back On Facebook using ‘LOL’ Meme Hub

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