Your EDM Premiere: Guardate feat. Mougleta, UNLOCKED

We have the excellent pleasure of premiering the two in the creating cooperation between producer Guardate and singer Mougleta, ‘Unlocked’. A radio friendly dancing pop track with an important message. How lucky are you? Both of these collaborators have given both versions of the single.  A variant for the full impact of the chorus along with an extra club blend for all of the DJs to perform live. Giving us an collection of vibes for everyone.

Both variations are dedicated to provide an empowering message to anyone struggling with cheating spouses or exes. Even the downtempo track orgasms with a chorus, breaking into an dance rhythm whereas the club mix takes it up and outside creating a favorite for any DJ to your dance floor.

A little background on those two informs us Mougleta is a 23 year-old Canadian-Lebanese artist. Now based in Berlin, working with her debut album. She has released a EP and innumerable features from Beirut, currently amassing over 4 million flows across all programs.

On the flip side Guardate is recently internationally commended by the Deep House Press for his bootleg of Plata O Plomo (Narcos theme tune ). With over ten years of audio experience, a Bachelor of Recording Arts. Guardate´s know-how as a sound engineer emphasises his levels of experience in the world of dance creation. This music travel brought to us by Gaurdate and Mougleta and also inform us of that do you prefer the club or original version!

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Your EDM Premiere: Guardate accomplishment. Mougleta, UNLOCKED

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