Chet Porter Reveals he Ghost Produced a Radio Hit Last Year

The Foreign Family Collective artist revealed that he ghost made a track that became a radio hit.

Canadian producer Chet Porter revealed to fans on Twitter that he phantom produced a track which became a radio hit last year. 

In his own words: 

“have been keeping quiet about this bc i always want to be the most humble artist i can be, but i co-wrote/ghost produced a song last year that made it to radio and became an actual hit. and nobody knows it lol. so weird to me. fuck it i’m gonna buy myself a crazy fucking house”

After studying his Tweet, fans of the Foreign Family Collective artist have been wildly speculating which course he produced. It appears as though the artist won’t be revealing the identity of their ghost-produced track, so fans will probably be stuck on their witch hunt with no end in sight. 

Porter is signed to ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective label. Back in October, Shallou told us he had a cooperation with Porter in the functions . He was recently featured on the remix EP to ODESZA’s Grammy-nominated album, A Moment Apart. 



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