theNEWDEAL Announces New Drummer & Shares 16-Minute ‘Halo Drive’

TheNEWDEAL announced that they have tapped a new drummer, Davide Di Renzo, to combine the digital trio. Bassist Dan Kurtz and keyboardist Jamie Shields previewed the new lineup with a 16-minute studio jam entitled “Halo Drive. ”

Di Renzo replaces the group’s former drummer Joel Stouffer, who joined the group in 2014 after their hiatus. That iteration of the group toured together heavily across 2015 and 2016, ultimately releasing the 2016 LP Mercury Switch before ceasing live shows after 2017. With Di Renzo’s membership, theNEWDEAL also hinted at both a coming tour and a potential new album.

In a statement published on the group ’s Facebook page, Shields noted that their new lineup have “been shedding from the studio together for the past several months and are eager to get back out on the road. ” The bassist also clarified that Di Renzo’s addition is inspiring the pioneering jamtronica outfit to go back to their improvisational roots. He added:

With Davide it’s a bit like “coming back home” as he was the drummer that motivated our original direction back in 1998 when the three of us played our first impromptu gig together in Guelph, Ontario. Each one of the ring ’s drummers has brought something special to theNEWDEAL, and with Davide we’re reaching back to move forward with the organic-infused improvisation that’s long-inspired a huge part of theNEWDEAL sound.

The project’s new track “Halo Drive” was recorded on November 13, 2018, capturing a sprawling 16-minute jam. The tune’s ambient minute-and-a-half intro sets a tone for the elongated improvisation, with the band opting for a decidedly minimalist performance throughout the first third of the song. Around the six-minute mark, the group lands in a sparse bridge prior to transitioning into a more propulsive groove. Carried forward by the rapid-fire drums, the song offers a return to the group ’s attribute heavy-hitting sound, featuring prominent synths and heavy bass. For the last third of the course, the group slows down things, finding a happy medium between their grinding techno-inspired leanings and more psychedelic and spacious opener.

Listen to “Halo Drive” under:

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