Will Sparks Apologizes for “Alcohol Fueled… Aggressive” Behavior At Ultra

Earlier tonight, Your EDM published an exclusive post detailing an aggressive interaction between Will Sparks and an artist tour manager in Ultra Australia this past weekend. Sparks was clarified by the tour manager as being verbally abusive and physically threatening.

Will Sparks has reached out to Your EDM with a statement and apology owning up to his actions regarding the situation and admitting that it was alcohol fueled, which he admits “is no excuse. ”

In the statement, Will also says that he apologized and reached out to the person. Read apology and the full statement below.

I cannot express how regretful and apologetic I am regarding the incident that unfolded in Sydney on Feb 24. I was competitive and said some opinions that were not true and made no sense at all. At no stage was I ever bodily with some of the staff that is female or male. This is is completely out of character for me. Never in my life have I responded in such a way, I am embarrassed by my actions.

This was. I had some built up personal frustrations which all came out at once, in an innocent person who only do their job.

This is a large learning curve for me. I embarrassed my team, although myself as well which I despise myself for.

I’m taking complete responsibility for my actions and am willing to do what is necessary to mend the situation as best I could.

I have also issued my apology to the person.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Will Sparks Apologizes for “Alcohol Fueled… Aggressive” Behavior At Ultra

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