Big Wild Announces Surprise for Northern Nights and Talks Music

With the 7th installation of Northern Nights Music Festival coming on July 19th-21th at Humbolt County, we’re humbled to get the chance to talk to the headlining talent, Big Wild aka Jackson Stell. Using a current record launch and an exciting street ahead, the Lancaster, Massachusetts indigenous had plenty to talk about his distinctive performance for Northern Nights Music Festival 2019, audio travel, latest work and a confession.

Big Wild is about the record using thatDROP.

Photograph credit Big Wild

Congratulations about the headlining role at Northern Nights. It seems you have discovered a house there. How can you get involved with the festival?

Northern Nights Music Festival 2019

I played a couple of years back and have done a couple of shows in Arcata using exactly the exact same promoter Matty. He’s been a fan and supporter of the songs for a bit and once I got the deal to headline this season, it was an easy choice.

What do you enjoy most about the festival?

I adore this place, the redwoods, and being by the river. I believe certain aspects of my songs connect with folks up here because I always have a very fun series. Northern Nights embodies the Northern California digital scene quite well in my opinion.

What goes in to preparing a set like this?

Quite a lot actually. I work on bringing the entire team, together using iDA Hawk, Maddie (guitarist/vocalist), and Haley (bassist/vocalist). I’m also always tweaking the audio of the series, in addition to working with Dan who’s the creative behind the images of the series. As a team, we’re always working to try new things and give people a cunique encounter, particularly with headline sets.

Cool a complete group, that’s a nice surprise! On April Fools Day you shed a new record. What’s your song writing process like for your new record, Superdream?

About halfway through the introduction of the record, I began a fresh strategy with starting songs. I would start an idea and if it wasn’t clicking within 15 seconds I would stop and start a new idea. I’d perform so over and over until I was very grooving together with it. Because manufacturing is something I often overthink, I wished to strategy lyrics and vocals from the contrary way. I took a far more intuitive strategy, writing down and recording anything came out. That sort of material is coming out of a deeper and more subconscious component of the brain and it finally lead me to obtain a whole great deal of my favourite thoughts on the record.

´Joypunks´ in Big Wild´s Superdream

How can you describe the music journey you take folks searching for Superdream?

Superdream is supposed to be both a personal and surreal experience. With this album I needed to associate with people by discussing more of my story and writing songs based on my own life. I wrote the lyrics in a way that a person who’s listening can relate the words , which to me is a powerful kind of relationship. If it comes to manufacturing and the visuals of the project, I tried creating a surreal environment to be able to alter the listener’s view a bit. Developing a change allows room in our heads to understand and relate to something in a different way. The musical journey of Superdream is supposed to be reflective.

Where and when did you start DJing and Producing? 

I first got into music by producing hip hop instrumentals. Artists like Dr. Dre, Pharrell, Timbaland and the Neptunes were my inspirations to develop and find my very own special sound. I downloaded the FL Studio presentation, which can be manufacturing software, and got hooked immediately. Having the capability to make an whole tune with drums, melody, harmony, etc.. was really cool- I hadn’t ever experienced such a form of expression. Ever since that time, my inspirations have developed a good deal but Hip-Hop manufacturers formed my base for creating and understanding songs. 

Please tell us, how did your first place go?

Terrible haha. I performed to six people, including four people I knew personally in this place called Monarch in San Francisco. I’damn surprised I even got booked but you must start somewhere!

I first found your songs through your Spring 2016 Mix with your single ‘Aftergold’ around Odesza’s Foreign Family Collective. How can you get involved with Odesza and the collective? What’s your experience been working with them? Any future plans ?

They discovered my songs online legitimately and I supported some of the shows at San Francisco and LA.. I have done a formal remix of “Say My Name,” and they then asked me to come on tour in February and March. I then published “Aftergold” around FFC, so it all happened sort of once. Their support in the beginning was important; it gave me confidence in my own, my songs, and the imaginative direction I was moving towards early . Releasing Superdream on Counter Records has become the next chapter in my audio, but I’m so grateful for their continued encouragement, and I’m very honored to be encouraging ODESZA on their ‘A Moment Apart’ finale shows in LA this summer. Those are going to be very unique performances.

What do you enjoy most about producing songs?

I’m obviously a silent person but making audio gives me an outlet to become loud and discuss myself. Without music for a form of expression, I would have trouble in life.

A “Never have I ever” – what’s 1 thing people may discover surprising you have not ever done? What’s 1 item on your own bucket list?

Funny enough, I’ve been in a ring. Within my bucket list, I wish to try skydiving. It scares the shit out of me just considering it but letting go enjoy this also looks so liberating.

Do you have something else exciting to announce or let our subscribers know about?

I’m excited to get back on the road this summer for festival time. I’ve been operating on the place for all these shows and my autumn tour, particularly for Red Rocks in September. I’ve also been feeling very motivated recently and have been working on new music & writing when I can.

Large Wild Red Rocks

After NNMF you can discover Big Wild all over the nation, take a look at his tour dates so that you don´t miss out. Having a unique live performance by Big Wild, a Desert Hearts Takeover, Zhu, the very first recreational bud tree lounge, a river front stage and so much more Northern Nights Music Festival 2019 zeros in on how to have a damn good time.

Find yourself at a floaty and booging every single day and night, a 3-day utopia anticipates, pick up your pass now.

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