Minecraft Festival Founder Explains How The Largest Online Festival Ever Came To Be [INTERVIEW]

Electric Blockaloo, or as it’s now known, Rave Family Block Fest, was scheduled to occur this weekend but was pushed back two weeks due to some Minecraft upgrade. The festival will be the largest known online festival or with over 800 musicians and 65 stages set to appear. In fact, on account of the delay, the festival is now currently taking the time to add promotions, attributes, and more performers. More information is available through the festival’s Discord server.

The festival hasn’t really been with its own share of criticism. With all these artists and stages brings lots of questions surrounding payment, server breed, timing, travel between stages (even sensibly ), and more. There were some people calling this Fyre Festival of events.

What exactly is there to ensure the festival runs smoothly? How did this get organized in the first place? We caught up with festival founder and Rave Family operator Jackie McGuire to ask them questions and work out how this massive undertaking was and how it’s going to return.

Tickets to the event are offered through individual artist access codes that ensure that the cash you’re paying belongs to the artist you would like to observe the maximum. All codes are available here, and tickets can be purchased here.

Rave Family Block Fest is definitely the occasion we ve noticed with no definition of the term, in quarantine. Just how did the idea first come about and what were your first actions in both reaching out into artists and creating a space for your big event?

The place began as an exercise. After spending a few weeks ill between February and March and then quarantine beginning, I recognized Electric Forest wasn’t going to occur. Forest is one of the only times we see that our friends who are scattered around the planet, many whom are all musicians. I had seen previous music festivals in Minecraft and I saw an chance to get something a bit different.

Even though the majority of the other occasions I’d seen centered on visuals along with a large stage, I thought it would be more interesting to construct an entire festival place, filled with both actual and fanciful settings that would make the ultimate fantasy festival. Red Rocks was the first, and then the office construction along with the shark stage.

Rave Family isn’t a new that lots of individuals are knowledgeable about, with less than 2,000 followers around social networking channels. Can you face some hurdles approaching labels and stage curators if you suggested this idea?

I began with friends and coworkers who I’d worked with previously. I’t done a couple of things in music and media, including talent management, stage management, etc.. I just happened to be lucky enough that a few of those musicians that I reached out to originally to play also had extensive networks in music. Zach Britt (Supertaste / Hundreds Thousands) and Devon James, who in addition to being exceptionally talented artists, are now the other ⅔ of my booking and artist relations group, helped quite a bit.

Among the primary problems we’ve noticed people bring up about the occasion is server use — with more than 800 artists and 65 unique stages, that’s a lot of computing power. Will there be an attendance cap for each stage or can there be resources given to guarantee stability on the program?

It is, you need to see my AWS bill!

We do have a presence cap for each instance of each stage. The terrific thing about cloud servers will be that most are set up to auto-scale, that is, to monitor themselves and create new copies because the host becomes complete. There’ll be many copies of each host.

On your interview with Forbes, the book writes,” “McGuire notes that not everyone is able to attend music festivals due to limitations like the price of tickets, social stress or the inability to maintain crowds. ” The price for Rave Family Block Fest is definitely more affordable at only $10, but how can you account for individuals who don’t need Minecraft to join? At only $27-30 (based on the version), it’s no particularly expensive sport, but it still poses another barrier to those wanting to attend.

I believe that the price point you’re referring to is that the desktop edition of the sport, and I agree that $30 could be outside some fan’so budgets. Among our oldest engineering hurdles was to ensure that the occasion was available on Minecraft’s Pocket Edition mobile edition, which will be $6.99. I’m so pleased to say we’t realized that. At $17 for both game and cover cost (still lower than most club covers or a single drink in Vegas or NY!) , for exclusive combinations and custom-designed worlds and stages from hundreds of the most famous artists in audio, we’re confident that the value we’re offering is unmatched.

Rave Family Block Fest is shooting a 60/40 split to be certain artists get paid. But with essential costs for audio rights and the numerous charitable initiatives that the event has recorded, the breakdown seems a little more muddled.

For each $10 ticket, the breakdown is: $3 to Mixcloud for rights clearance and hosting the audio, and then the remaining $10 will be split 60/40 between the musicians and ourselves. On our end, 15 percent of our earnings are allocated to both charities, with 5% each empowered for Project Zero, The Bail Project, and ByeBye Plastic.

When I sent over my questions originally, the festival website was down and tickets still weren’t available. People were starting to call this Fyre Festival of internet festivals. The festival was pushed back two weeks and also the title has changed. What would you say to these people to guarantee them the occasion will operate smoothly?

There’s a lot to unpack with this query, so bear with me. To begin with, to tackle reddit, it turns out the individual who posted that the Fyre festival article was a part of a group of 10 or so people from a buff Discord server for an artist who wasn’t on the lineup. They, for reasons we still aren’t clear on, chose to organize a trolling effort of the festival (you’ll notice the usernames are the same).

In addition to the Reddit article, they also combined our Discord host and started communicating racist, homophobic and horrible things. It took days to get them out and discover the source, and sadly, a lot of damage was done to people’s perception of the festival meanwhile. This is really disappointing given that this person is a moderator for r/electronicmusic, one of the largest subreddits within our community.

The website crash was intriguing, to say the least. A number of the festivals crash their ticketing servers. It occurred to Coachella this past year, I can’t remember annually it hasn’t occurred to Burning Man, however, ours was a small amount of a different creature. Even the Monday we were to launch, there was an extremely strange internet outage that affected nearly all mobile carriers, Fortnite, Instagram, Chase Bank, and an entire host of other companies. Regrettably, it required T-mobile almost 6 hours to affirm they might have been the source of the problem (although I don’t know how they might have impacted Fortnite and others) and people were convinced it had been our website and someone (me) probably broke it while attempting to repair it.

I believe, as with any case of the scale and size, it would be impossible to guarantee people who everything will be ideal. We are charting new territory, with new technologies, in a scale that is large, and we have been truthful with lovers and performers . Having said that we’ve ever taken steps to be certain everyone has a wonderful experience.

Among those matters we’ve done to ensure that contain hosting the case of four weekends in a row, so whatever bugs we might encounter game-wise the first weekend we could work out and ensure everyone gets to enjoy the holiday season. By partnering with Mixcloud and using the audio for a flow independent of the game, rsquo & we;ve ensured that when those problems arise, lovers can still hear the amaaaaaaazing combinations our artists have made . Lastly, recruited some of the cloud builders and developers in the community, all people who have been operating to generate the occasion a success.

In the day’s close, sharing music we care about is we got . What are your strategies for your future and how can you hope to continue to share your love of music to tens of thousands of other people?

What Rave Family intends to be is that the go-to platform for artists who want to throw digital parties and events for their lovers. We’re talking to a few gaming companies and also working on some technologies in the AR/VR space that is going to be an absolute game changer.

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