Tycho Finds Silver Lining Through Pandemic, California Wildfires [Interview]

On a smoke-free day at San Francisco, the producer caught up using EDM.com to examine his digital gig at Abracadabra Festival as well as new music.

2020 has hardly provided a feeling for meditation, nevertheless the ever-reflective music manufacturer Tycho insists this season offers creatives a once-in-a-lifetime chance to mature. In a conversation with EDM.com, he talked about how he’s managed to get a silver lining during the pandemic, tour cancellations, as well as his home nation being ravaged by wildfires.

Tycho is a San Francisco-based producer, composer, and songwriter. Known worldwide for his instrumental production design, his songs features downtempo guitar, analogue synths, and an assortment of sounds pulled from everyday life. He first appeared onto the scene in 2006 with Past Is Prologue, an album that featured him performing mostly solo at a studio. Nowadays, the two-time Grammy Award-nominee changes his Tycho performances as both a solo DJ behave and live group –at least before the pandemic.

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While the producer has managed to take advantage of his period at quarantine, the California wildfires, that have burned over 3.5 million acres throughout the country , have provided another continuing distraction that’s hit close to home.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my whole life,” said Tycho, who hopped on the phone on a rare, smoke-free afternoon in San Francisco. “When the whole thing manifests in front of your eyes and is worse and worse every year it’s like, wow, this is just going to be a slow slide into oblivion if we don’t do something about this quickly. ”

Most of Tycho’s music sonically places itself in serene, natural locations such as a beach or desert, but most of that inspiration comes from within and finding time to meditate. While most fans may picture his recording studio as a glass corner office overlooking the ocean, Hansen’s home life and recording space are far more urban. “I channel nature and all those experiences in my songs, but at precisely the exact identical time, I live in the center of a town and also my studio is in a cellar. It’s weird paradoxical situation,” he said.

After having to cancel the supporting tour for Simulcast (as well as a July gig with STS9 at Red Rocks Amphitheater), Tycho began working from home. “In a way, I’ve been productive because I’m able to focus 100% on producing,” he remarked. This isolated period of recording has not only given him a chance to create, but also to circle back to his original performance and production format by doing things solo.

The result? An upcoming instrumental Tycho album in the works, a standalone single at the end of the month, and a chance to reconnect with fans at Abracadabra Festival. The festival is led by founder BLOND:ISH and Liana Hilson, who have been producing unique, single-use plastic free events in Tulum, Mykonos, and at Tomorrowland since 2017. Abracadabra clicked aesthetically for Tycho, but the artist was even more impressed with the vision and execution.

The festival also offered him a chance to return to his original solo live show, which features keyboards, guitar, pedals and a lot of”messing round with [himself].” Before parting with us, the acclaimed musician and practitioner of meditation also commented on the state of the music industry and even offered advice to young artists during this time. “I just see it like an incredible and rare chance to become inventive,” said Tycho. “You’re rarely ever going to find a moment like this in history to try something new [and] probably won’t have another opportunity like this again.”

The second incarnation of all Abracadabra festival kicked off September 17th and boasts a exceptional lineup that includes Tycho, Diplo, Snoop Dogg’s DJ alter-ego DJ Snoopadelic, Channel Tres, Nicole Moudaber, Claude Vonstroke, Beats Antique, BLOND:ISH, and more. Along with the songs, Abracadabra features an expansive sampling lineup, with workshops and talks out of a bevy of all how facilitators aim on helping you feel fuller and much more comfortable in these tough times.


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