Widespread Panic Announces Red Rocks 2018 ‘Never Miss A Sunday Show’ Broadcast

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Widespread Panic continues to roll out Red Rocks concerts to their Never Miss A Sunday Show webcast series. The next installment will include the group ’s Saturday, June 23, 2018 show in the iconic Colorado venue airing on Sunday, October 11 in 8 p.m ET/5 p.m PT about the JamBase Livestreams Calendar.

Things got underway with a continuous part of & & ldquo;Rebirtha& ” & & ldquo;Blackout Blues& ” & & ldquo;Little Kin” and “Radio Child. ” The first set also saw a & & ldquo;Stop-Go& ” & & ldquo;Weight Of The World” part together using the former featuring a & & ldquo;Fire On The Mountain” tease, as per Everyday Companion. Panic brought the first frame to a close together “Tail Dragger. ”

The second set kicked off “North” followed closely by “Sharon& ” & & ldquo;Sell Sell” and “Goodpeople. ” There was a breeze delay following “Second Skin” therefore that the crew could get rid of an LED display behind the band before they continued (Note: EDC marks this as a third set( see below) using a segued part of “Greta,” “Cease Fire” and ldquo;Blue Indian” before a large bust from their Vic Chesnutt/Dave Schools collaboration “Puppy Sleeps,” that had only been performed once before thus far in Spring 2002. WSP closed the second set with “Flat Foot Flewzy” and encored together “Porch Song. ”

Setlist (through Everyday Companion)

Set One: Rebirtha > Blackout Blues, Little Kin > Radio Child, C. Brown, Tickle the Truth, Stop-Go > Weight Of The World, Tail Dragger

Establish Two: North, Sharon, Sell Sell, Goodpeople, Second Skin

Establish Three: Greta > Cease Fire > Blue Indian, Holden Oversoul, Puppy Sleeps, Expiration Day, Flat Foot Flewzy

E: Porch Song


[Wind wait following ‘Second Skin’ to remove the LED display behind the band; ‘Fire on the Mountain’ tease through ‘Stop-Go’; Last ‘Puppy Sleeps’ – 04/22/02, 1072 shows]

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