EDM Maniac – Our Biggest News This Year

Wow. What annually it has been. 2020 was a portion of a yearold, to say the least, and a lot of us are anticipating the conclusion of a long and strenuous year. This season has made us a great deal of challenges for each one of us in some way or another. A number of us have had experiences that other people don’t, and we have been in a position to learn and grow during times like these. Times are tough, but we have managed to be there for another as well as the electronic dance music network seems to be much closer together than previously.

We genuinely believe this upcoming year will bring a tremendous quantity of new experiences, memories, and friendships. 2020 has left us in a place most of us have never been before. Many of us have counted on our friends and family to get us during these odd times. Whatever way it can be, we could acquire through this year jointly, and we’re very excited about the near future. With that being said, here’s a look back at a few of this year’s best stories, memories, events, and editorials from The EDM Maniac Team.

During the course of this year, many of us were unable to undergo a live event. If we could attend a show this season, it was just a number of them and a great deal of folks were unable to experience a few of their favorite festivals or see their favourite DJs which left us with a great deal of time at home. The EDM Maniac Team showcased our 6 picturesque venues that you want to cross your bucket off listing when live shows yield as well as the way to successfully throw an electronic rave party.

Speaking of throwing a celebration, we launched EDM Maniac Presents. EDM Maniac Presents hosts socially-safe live displays also has hosted artists like Dombresky and 12th PlanetEarth. Not only did we launch EDM Maniac Presents, but we also established a brand new techno alias, MANIAC BLVCK. MANIAC BLVCK investigates the deeper and darker sounds of techno and throws techno-based occasions. This forthcoming New Year’therefore, MANIAC BLCVK will be hosting an event on Friday, January 1 using Green Velvet (Our biggest announcement nonetheless ). We’ve been working on a slew of surprises for 2021 and we’re excited to announce this season.

This time of no live events has left us without a show for the majority of the year. Our group has taken the opportunity to outlay our treasured feel-good dance music documentaries that you could watch at home during this age of no live events. We also have outlaid which DJ sets to watch after you’re stuck in home and we got you covered with exactly what DJ sets to watch in nature and to what indoor activities ravers can perform during COVID-19.

Regardless of 2020 being an unfortunate season for live audio, we now as a dancing music community received a tremendous quantity of innovation in this time interval from event businesses and leaders in our industry. Drive-in raves, live streams, and also socially distant events were put in place to present live events in some capacity. EDM Drive-In has functioned successful events with artists like Virtual Riot and Cash Cash in recent months. EDM Drive-In only declared our New Year’s Eve show with Desert Hearts on December 31 which is another Massive announcement for EDM Maniac.

The EDM Maniac Team has broken what our favourite live streams are thus far as well as some of our favourite live flow places . Not only that, but we broke down exactly what raving from your vehicle resembles and what exactly ‘pod raving’ is.

Live Nation has given us confidence by showing they anticipate full capacity shows by following summer and they also think that shows of scale will return by next summer as vaccines have begun to become dispersed across the world. A quick, COVID-19 occasion testing agency has formally established and Ticketmaster is now working on a system in order for attendees to attend live shows in a safe and efficient way.

The EDM Maniac Team has published a plethora of major festival announcements, especially the tail end of this year. Techno celebrations returned in Tulum, Ultra Taiwan, and EDC Portugal were declared as well as global dance music events in Ibiza and Croatia.

We’re deeply saddened to hear both Garrett Lockhart, better known as i_o, and Cookie Monsta, better known as Tony Cook, both passed out this season. Both of these musical skills and their ability to push borders has made an everlasting effect on the dance music community and they will be truly missed and remembered forever.

On a lighter note, we found our first-ever internship program and we currently have five excellent interns that have helped our new grow and grow over the course of their internships up to now. Our awesome team is anticipating amazing items in 2021, also we’re really excited about showing you exactly what we’ve got in store.

Stay safe and have a happy New Year!

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