Watch Widespread Panic Play ‘Bear’s Gone Fishing,’ ‘Happy,’ ‘Rebirtha’ & More At Red Rocks In 2016

Widespread Panic lately released a set of movies in their 2016 Red Rocks series. WSP shared with a clip of “Happy,” “Airplane” & “Rebirtha” by their June 24 look as well as “Bear’s Gone Fishing” from June 26.

Even the Red Rocks footage would be the hottest in Panic’s rollout of video from memorable shows which also included a ton of movies by their 25th anniversary series in 2011 and clips from Alabama shortly after the century bash and much more. WSP continues to be sharing video by their 2016 Red Rocks run such as their cover of The Band’s “Ophelia” among others.

& the “Happy” > “Airplane” > “Rebirtha” Red Rocks segment came on Friday (the opening night of this run) just after the opening tune, “Ain’t Life Grand. ” & & ldquo;Happy” is a worthy Panic surfaced September 24, 1995, as per Everyday Companion, while they “Airplane” over March, 2, 1994. “Airplane” — composed and sung by co-founding guitarist Michael Houser — remained in heavy turning up until Houser’s death in 2002 and the group didn’t perform it again until October 30, 2006. Panic closed out the segment with another timeless, “Rebirtha,” that they debuted in early 1993.

The “Bear’s Gone Fishing” — debuted as an instrumental in July 1997 with lyrics included two decades later — came because the third song in the very first group of Panic’s Sunday show on June 26. The tune is among two tunes motivated by friend of the group Thomas “Bear” Guenther, who passed away from 2019 using WSP paying tribute to their friend that season in his cherished Telluride. Considering that Guenther was a Colorado resident, “Bear’s Gone Fishing” and the tune he aided co-write, “Postcard,” were always safe bets for virtually any Red Rocks run. The group also delivered “Postcard” on June 26 at Red Rocks through the encore.

Watch Widespread Panic perform “Happy” > “Airplane” > “Rebirtha” as well as “Bear’s Gone Fishing” under through the JamBase Live Video Archive:

Happy > Airplane > Rebirtha

Bear’s Gone Fishing

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