STS9 Confirms ‘Day Out Of Time’ Concert In Denver After Red Rocks 2021 Run

Livetronica act STS9 will follow their sold-out 2021 Red Rocks run with a special “Day Out Of Time” concert in Denver. The show will be held at Levitt Pavilion on the afternoon of Sunday, July 25.

“Day Out Of Time” will consist of an Axe The Cables first set and Wave Spell second set. Axe The Cables sees Tribe go mostly acoustic, while Wave Spell is an all-improv affair.

STS9 returns to Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado on July 23 and 24. The concerts were originally scheduled for July 2020 but were postponed due to the pandemic.

This year’s Red Rocks run, dubbed “Sky World,” was initially supposed to begin with a warmup show at the Summit on July 22. Fans who purchased three-day passes will have their third ticket automatically transferred to the Sunday afternoon concert. Additional tickets are on sale now via Ticketmaster. Head here for more details regarding the updates to STS9’s original plan.

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