Jaguar Dreams unveil debut original track, ‘Just Life’ [Q&A]

Jaguar Dreams unveil debut original track, ‘Just Life’ [Q&A]Jaguar Dreams Press Wine Grain2 E1534878086776

Back in mid-July, an attractive cover of Fleetwood Mac‘s iconic “Dreams” made its way onto SoundCloud. Listeners, upon clicking on the source, discovered the provincial cover to be only and the one track on the channel.

The channel belonged to Jaguar Dreams, a Brooklyn trio comprised of Ben Eberdt, Michael Kelly and Tim Kiely. In their “Dreams” cover, the team used contemporary machines and tools to nourish the appetite for dancing. ” This reasoning came out of a visit to the Amazon rainforest, where the story of the jaguar dream inspired the three. At the jungle, journeymen would trade consciousness while From the tale and possess their spirits. Re-energized upon returning to New York, Eberdt, Kelly and Kiely embarked in their Jaguar Dreams venture — demonstrating all aspects of their job themselves, producing, and composing.

Two months following the release of “Dreams,” Jaguar Dreams have introduced their introduction original, “Just Life,” which stems in the authentic vein as their pay. Harmonies usher the listener to a lush landscape of synth melodies that are wistful, evoking feelings of instances and nostalgia times gone by. They call “Just Life” a “bittersweet reflectionrightly so — and ”.

We caught up with the up-and-coming trio what the future holds and to listen about their journey so far.

Why did you decide to pay Fleetwood Mac to your debut release?

We had a week where we reimagined a lot of tracks. Until we noticed something that felt right to us, rsquo;d & then we attempt to reinterpret it, we & rsquo;d spin recordings. We composed a handful of songs that week, but “Dreams” felt to present ourselves.

Is the cover distinct from your introduction original, “Just Life”?

Since it comes from somewhere within, original music is kind of personal by definition. With a pay, you only would like to find a means to reinterpret something that you love. Hence that the procedure is different for every song. Together with “Dreams,” we made something from something old, but using “Just Life,” we’re of nothing.

What does “Just Life” mean to you? What was the inspiration for the song?

It’s only a reflection. It’s impossible to capture everything, therefore we did our best to capture a glimpse.

Who would you name as your inspirations as musicians?

We are not influenced by a set of influences. Our collective life experiences are our sway. We overlook ’t want to sound like anybody, we want to sound like everyone.

How would you describe your own music in three words to somebody who’s never heard it?

“Sonic Massage Butter”

What’s up next in 2018?

We’re releasing a great deal of new music.