Show You Should Know – Trayce Chapman at the Bluebird

Seeing as it is one of the best local albums of the year so far, we’ve all been bumping Tracye Chapman’s Exotic Birds since its release in May. Luckily for Denver, the birds will fly high this Thursday, August 16, at the Bluebird Theater when Chapman takes the stage for his first headlining show. It will be history in the making for the Denver musician, and he will be joined with friends Connor Ray, Ralphy Sway, Rob4Real and 2une Godi.

Having kicked off his career in 2014, Chapman has placed himself as a staple in the solid hip-hop pipeline that Denver holds. The pre-releases earlier this year, which consisted of music videos and a documentary, cemented the excitement in our city to embrace his newest project. The features with other Denver acts, such as former Denver Bronco Nathan Palmer (NaPalm), Kevin Cartoon and YaSi, just added to the fire of local flame that is sure to be celebrated as fans prepare for the upcoming performance. Will Chapman feature any of these guests at the upcoming showcase? Only time will tell. This will not be a night to miss to any Denver patrons that believe in supporting the community.

Chapman’s Exotic Birds shines a light on all things excess and decadent. His touch on the finer things takes the listener into a deep ride of pleasure, which is made clear even with just the tracklisting. With track names like “Wanderlust,” “Vices Pt. 2” and “Pinky Rings Pt. 2”   it is not hard to envision the plane rides, jewelry and other fine things the rapper describes throughout the thirteen song album. The latest album is sure to not be the only work he showcases at the August 16 presentation, but seeing as how it is his biggest production to date, it is sure to be a highlight. Belting out the words will be a necessity when partaking in this event.

Chapman did not only just release an album earlier this year, there was also a full-length documentary, Leverage, that gave an in-depth look into the making of Exotic Birds. The documentary takes the viewer through the creation and execution of Chapman’s vision with the album. Directed and shot by Dip N’ Dash Visuals, Leverage explains the backstory of the inspiration of Chapman’s career and the support he received on the journey to where he is now. It includes conversations with other Denver rappers — including the likes of TheyCallHimAP — and shines light into various aspects of the life of a Denver hip-hop musician.

The historic doors off of Colfax will envelop rap fans on Thursday, so do yourself a favor and be part of it. It could be a while until the next great Denver rap album drops, and this show will be sure to assist in satiating that lingering hunger for quality rap shows for at least a few minutes.

Tickets to the show will run $15.00 and can be found here or can be bought at the Bluebird Theater box office. The 16 and up show will take place on Thursday, August 16 at 8 p.m. Trayce Chapman’s music can be found on his SoundCloud.