Add Some New Music to Your Commute Playlist with Our Monthly Top Picks [Playlist]

Catch up on all of August’s newest releases!

Summer is nearly over and that’s pretty much a bummer, when you have any music to listen to those long 37, but going back to college or work won’t be so bad. We’ve got you covered within our best monthly playlist, if you haven’t kept up with the tracks. We guarantee there a good number of subgenres for everyone, although it’s a little longer than usual because there were so many new paths. 

Debuting on Smash House Records, Deorro released track was inspired by an electro with new talent Vikstorm. Containing a plethora of digital elements,”DFTF” is reminiscent of Deorro’s historical work, but also includes a fresh new spin on such sound. It is also one of those tunes you just know is going to be a festival track.

New off of DJ Snake’s Premiere Classe, Chace’s”Never” provides a mellow sound to the label 4B’s”Whistle” and Aazar and Bellecour’s”Da Vinci.” Right from the start its bass house vibe pulls you in and you also can not help but adore it. It is nothing less than anticipated from the youthful Shanghai-based pop and dance prodigy.

Last month, Spinnin’ Records’ first Irish DJ, Daniel Blume, has gained much support from DJs like Cheats Codes, The Chainsmokers and Sam Feldt for his latest release”Balcony.” Haunting and its sexy although slow drops vocals out of Daniel Blume himself make this sounding trail intoxicating and tricky. With this trail it’s safe to say Daniel Blume is undoubtedly among the up and coming DJs to observe.

While you’re getting the train to college or driving to work, why don’t you listen to the remainder of August’s latest releases!