The deals that you can score when the Denver Broncos score during the 2018 season

Even the roar of the audience might be a little louder this season, since when the Denver Broncos win (or merely complete specific plays)they also score bargains on meals and beverages for their fans.

Depending on game stats, enthusiasts can handle reductions on coffee, burgers, cakes, doughnuts, pizza and more. Even better, some deals are available all season long, irrespective of match plays or victories.

The Broncos bargains are valid at participating locations in Colorado for the normal season. Limit one offer per customer. Huddle with your home Group and get your game program (and forks) ready for a tasty time, due to the following deals:


Collectors of all things blue and orange will want to head this season. New this season, 7-Eleven is offering a series of seven players rsquo; cups with the purchase of pick beverages.


No reason to get any beef on this bargain from Arby’s. The day after the Broncos score a few touchdowns, get a regular Classic Roast Beef Sandwich for $1. Program or no voucher just request the discount in the register.


A win is always pleasant, but much more so for this particular sour perk from Conoco gas channels. Obtain a free small coffee between 6 and 10 hours daily after a win.

King Soopers

King Soopers celebrates a sweet victory with cake doughnut the day or an supply — a free raised. Simply swipe your subscriber rsquo;s loyalty card (or input your registered phone number) at voucher for the free doughnut. Bite in the deal early, as enthusiasts can often clear the doughnut racks by late day.


Tackle this deal from McDonald’s with a couple taps on a smart phone or tablet; just download its app. Subscribe (or log in for existing members) and ensure “location services” is enabled, as the offer is only valid in the Denver metro region. Check underneath “Deals” to get a digital voucher good for a Big Mac or Sausage McMuffin with Egg for $1, the day after a match — win or lose. Then, scan the one-time-use code. (This season, McDonald’s has eliminated the physical key tag completely. The offer is currently only available digitally through the program.)

Papa John’s

The afternoon after a win, celebrate with a cheap pizza party at home or in the office. Papa John’enthusiasts are offered by s 50% off all regular-priced menu things on the internet with promo code BRONCOS.

More promos might be inserted into the lineup since the season starts on Sept. 9.

Be sure to check out the day after each Broncos game to learn which promos have been triggered, and when any new promos have been added to the lineup.  More freebies, discounts and deals in

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