Bro Safari and UFO! Release ‘Clockwork’ and Tell Us About Their New Sound [Interview]

Taking bass music to the next level, Bro Safari and UFO! bring us on a jungle space journey in their latest album.

Bro Safari and UFO! just released an album they’ve had in the works for quite some time now and it’s definitely unlike anything they’ve ever made before. Putting together a plethora of sounds, the duo creates a new jungle/space world that’s just waiting to be explored. And we were lucky enough to get some insight into how these amazing worlds were made. So go immerse yourself in the epic atmospheric jungle and space sounds that is Clockwork and find out what Bro Safari and UFO! have to say about it! First off, guys Clockwork is really out of this world! For people who haven’t heard the album yet, how would you describe the kind of sound you were going for?

Bro Safari: It’s funny that you say “out of this world”… That’s exactly 50% of it. The other half would be “totally grounded on Earth.” Point being, we tried to mesh the idea of raw and organic sound design with a futuristic delivery. 

UFO!: I would say Nick and I have always been on this jungle nature/space imagined future, but for Clockwork, I would say that I was very inspired by my encounter with “Ayahuasca” and what that sounded and felt like.

It’s definitely a new direction in your approach to bass music, which is pretty exciting. What inspired you to create atmospheric music like this? 

Bro Safari: We didn’t put too much thought into what we were going to do at first. We just made a lot of demo songs and then it naturally shaped it itself. We detached ourselves from the idea of what would “work” on a dance floor and just made music that appealed to us. 

UFO!: I would just close my eyes and a whole new world would come to life in my head. I would rant to Nick, “Dude I see this and that, and this part of the song means this to me and that sound could be more like this or that,” and Nick would say, “Dude, do it! Hahah,” and then he would come back with some crazy hook or turn around that would floor me to tears. Though, he never saw me cry in the studio. This album is pure magic in the way it all came together. 

What was it like working together on this album and coming up with and creating all of these sounds and elements for each track? Do you guys by any chance have a favorite sound?

Bro Safari: This was a long time in the making. Ed flew out to Austin quite a few times to work in my studio. Beyond that, we bounced some of the files back and forth online. In terms of sound design and construction, I’d probably say that “ET Finger” or “N.U.M.B.” would be my favorites. 

UFO!: It was easy and it always is. Nick does what he wants and I do what I want and it always works out. It’s pretty dope.

I would say “ET Finger” and “N.U.M.B.” 

Which song did you have the most fun making and were there any that were particularly challenging? 

Bro Safari: Without a doubt, “Osangala” was the toughest song to nail down. We actually started that track in 2014. We loved the original idea, but it felt like it could have so much more detail. Having said that, we ran into a lot of obstacles along the way. The more detailed it got, the harder it was to tie together. At the end of the day, it’s my favorite song on the album overall. 

UFO!: “ET Finger” was really fun to make! We knew exactly what that track needed from beginning to end. 

With these lush sonic landscapes you take us on this epic jungle space journey. Why did you guys choose space and is there any significance behind the album title, Clockwork, in relation to the theme?

Bro Safari: Everything about this album is intentional. We originally had 12 or 13 songs and cut it to 8, just to make sure that the theme was coherent throughout. “Clockwork” was the title of the final track and, after throwing around a few different ideas for other album names, we realized that “clockwork” fit the theme perfectly. 

UFO!: It’s all in the eye of the beholder. Time is irreverent. Your future self is helping out your past self, and it’s all working in the now. Time is irrelevant. 

Looking at the track titles, you actually have some pretty interesting names there. How’d you come up with them and does “N.U.M.B.” and “WAMF” stand for anything?

Bro Safari: “N.U.M.B.” is a secret. “WAMF”…Self explanatory if you listen to the vocal sample in the track. Beyond that, “ET Finger” came from the end of the song. Ed sent me a funny voice message and I suggested we just put that at the end of the song. Worked out well… It’s creepy. 

UFO!: What you see is what you get…and you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Out of all the songs on the album, which one really resonates with you guys and why? 

Bro Safari: I mentioned “Osangala” already, but if I were to add another, it would be “Clockwork.” It’s just pleasant to listen to and I love how it ties up the album. At the end of the track, we quite literally go to space. 


What kind of message or take away do you hope your fans and listeners will get after they listen to the album?

Bro Safari: We really just wanted to make an album, plain and simple. We live in a time where people’s attention spans are limited to what’s in front of them. Most artists are releasing singles, and I get that, but I grew up listening to albums. I guess we wanted to offer that experience to people who may be younger. As far as a message, I’m more interested in seeing what people take away from it. There are obvious themes throughout the record. The album starts in the depths of the jungle and ends in outer space. I suppose it’s all about the journey. 

UFO!: That anything is possible. This life you live is all your imagination. Create, love, live and look at life as a delicate gift. Get out, get up and do something. Don’t let life pass you by. 

Special thanks to Nick and Ed for taking the time to chat with me! It was a pleasure learning more about the album and we can’t wait to hear what you have in store for us next!

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