Zedd’s ‘Lost in Japan’ remix is a feel-good fusion of pop and electronic

Zedd’s ‘Lost in Japan’ remix is a feel-good fusion of pop and electronicZddshawnmendessized1

Shawn Mendes sings of a lover who he can’t get off his thoughts ” at “Lost in Japan,” the second single released off of Mendes’ same-titled third studio record. Zedd‘s newly minted remix of this song induces an irresistibility akin to that of this trail ’s love interest in that much like Mendes, listeners simply won’t be in a position to have this rework off their minds. Chances are they wouldn’t want to.

Zedd dresses up Mendes’ guitar-grounded first with digital accessories which lend a bubbly animation to the creation. An elegant piano melody offers an introduction, placing a sleek sonic stage for its that stays superbly yet to come from these few seconds of the song. Peppy, spirited synth work ebbs and flows in tempo, unhurriedly although fluidly resulting listeners from verse to vocal hook.

“Lost In Japan” signifies Zedd’s proper return to the remix ring, even a distance from which Zedd has remained absent. The previous remix to keep the Zedd postage was that the producer’s 2016 take on DJ Snake‘s “Let Me Love You. ” A feel-good and finely harmonized follow-up to the melancholic “Happy Now,” Zedd’s “Lost In Japan” remix easily evidences the producer’s knack for its pop/electronic hybridvehicle, a fusion that’s by no means new, but one which Zedd uncannily reinvents with each successive crossover he releases.

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