Estes Park’s famed climber Tommy Caldwell recommends dumpster diving outside a Whole Foods

It was a query. A school student struggling with cash requested Estes Park’s climber Tommy Caldwell just how to find nutrition.

“Dumpster dip at whole foods …lol,” Caldwelll replied.

Caldwell and scaling partner Kevin Jorgeson chose to Reddit to answer questions from fellow climbers Thursday to encourage the Sept. 19 introduction of “The Dawn Wall,” a documentary chronicling the two’s absolutely free climb up Yosemite’s sheer wall by precisely the exact identical name.

Showings of the documentary are mostly sold out in Denver. A Red Bull Media House spokeswoman said the company was seeking to include more screens. However, if this doesn’t occur, folks can stream the documentary on iTunes beginning Nov. 20.

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Although some questions posed were ridiculous (It was determined that Caldwell would beat Jorgeson in a struggle using his high school wrestling skills), others started trickling into deeper territories: their next endeavors, the future of scaling and Caldwell’s favorite neighborhood crag.

This ’s a sampling of some of the questions posed and the climbers’ responses.

Question from Reddit consumer InaneD: ”Short and simple, what’s your next project? ”

Tommy Caldwell: “I have another path I’m looking at near The Dawn Wall. However, for now, focusing on parenting and activism. ”

Kevin Jorgeson: “Varied, however, building a climbing gym. I started a nonprofit to learn scaling. I am planning a second route up El Capitan near the Dawn Wall. ”

Question from Reddit consumer mikeslug: “What are your hometown crags? Favourite path to replicate? ”

TC: “The Diamond on Longs Peak. The Monastery. ”

KJ: ”Fort Ross. It’s a boulder on a beach full of classics. ”

Question from Reddit consumer physnchips: “Where is your favourite place? ”

TC and KJ: “Yosemite! ”

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Question from Reddit consumer Sparty27: “You started climbing young. Can you remember one of the first scaling goals and how you felt when you achieved it? ”

TC: “When I was 3 or 2, my dad things (sic) a dollar bill in a crack 10 ft up. If I climbed to it, I could have it. When I did, I felt loaded. ”

KJ: “Winning Youth National Championship. When that has been done, I didn’t even want to compete. This ’s when I turned into climbing outside. ”

Question from Reddit consumer WeenieLoft: “Tommy, as the very best climber ever and all of your daring attributes, do you concur with the Cedar Wright sentiment that scaling is becoming too sterilized and losing its adventure aspect? About the future of rock rising as gyms explode in popularity, how do you think? Can you see negative/positive items around the corner to our National Parks/climbing as far as the market changes? ”

TC: “For the most part, I don’t even concur with Cedars. I live in the place, Colorado, so when people see parks become crowded, they deal with this, they start organizations to build trails. With an increase of rising popularity, rsquo & there;s a major increase in climber/environmentalists and rsquo & that;s. So we’re optimistic. ”

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