PREMIERE | Meet Emmit Fenn, The Billie Eilish Collaborator Whose Song “Meteorite” Soundtracked Apple’s iPhone Announce + Interview

Rising artist Emmit Fenn was killing it lately. The talented 22-year-old manufacturer, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist just took things to the next level with his most recent launch soundtracking Apple’s huge new announcement from the Apple Keynote joining brand new iPhones. This new song”Meteorite” showcases Emmit’s incredible sound design and skill set to manage emotional music as we are excited to have the premiere alongside an interview with Fenn.

Emmit Fenn is doing a lot more than your average ”bedroom producer.” He just recently landed his production Billie Eilish’s”bitches broken hearts” because the infrequent switch up in production from her brother Finneas, who was her go-to manufacturer on what. Fenn also just linked up with Vic Mensa to some powerful new song & movie as well as THEY. ‘s Drew Love on”Without You” because he shows an ability to thrive in the hip-hop space. He switches things up again.

This new trail”Meteorite” appears much more like a film score than one, and in the easiest way possible. This isn’t a full surprise as Fenn formerly watched a Facebook TV show called Five Points where he worked together with Quentin Tarantino’s longtime music supervisor Mary Ramos.  Here Fenn shows his talent for creating cinematic soundscapes. The anticipation of Apple’s biggest announcement of the season is sensed with this song Fenn crafted to soundtrack the event. Stay tuned for more from this rising artist because he doesn’t disappoint. Enjoy!

Emmit Fenn – Meteorite


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Been watching the Apple keynotes because I was a little kid with my dad, but never could have dreamed of getting the opportunity to be part of a person. It was an absolute pleasure composing the music to Apple’s new iPhone XR TV spot. Thank you all for the nonstop support!! Means the world to me

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This release feels much like a film score. Would you tell us about this collaboration with Apple and your heritage led to this particular song?

I can’t say much about how it all came together but it’s been a dream to create Apple’s group since I started creating music. I’damn happy ‘Meteorite’ ended up functioning perfectly for what they wanted!!! I always try to integrate a element thus working on projects similar to this is enjoyable.

What does this instant mean for you?

Coming from crashing UCLA music classes two years ago to creating music employed I’ve always appeared to is cool – definitely really is still a big stepping stone for me as an artist.   It’s always enjoyable composing for brands and places like & #xA0 and this ;ideally its the beginning of a lot more.

Did the collab with Billie Eilish come about? What is the experience like for you?

We were both fans of one another’s music when we first began putting out music and were actually talking on Soundcloud for sometime until we first decided to make a song. It’s being killed by her and she’s fun to use so it was awesome generating’bitches broken hearts’ ! We made another song as well could ’t even wait to share it.  

We’ve noticed your flexibility that is growing as possible ’ve been expanding to the hip-hop realm at the moment. What direction do you see your music going from here?

I am constantly experimenting with new genres and sounds. I try to create sounds which have not been created. Hip-hop has never been a go to genre for me, but I’m looking enlarge with sort of artists and to push on myself. My debut record is coming from 2019 which is in a lane. It& # #x2019;s a few of my work I&; #x2019.

How will your approach to music differ across?

My music begins about the piano from that point it up in the air where it could go. When I get to the studio, I tend to have absolutely no clue what the outcome will be, it depends on what mood I’m in and what’s been inspiring me lately. Sometimes it’s a piano ballad and other situations an crazy song which makes no sense, but I just try to have fun with this.

Would you tell us about your story because a “bedroom manufacturer &#x201D? What’s your road been like for this stage after making the choice to concentrate on music?

I started off producing in my own bedroom and I’m still here. As long as I have laptop, mic and a computer keyboard, I’m good. After I dropped out of college in Virginia, I proceeded with some buddies near the UCLA campus, however, wasn’t registered as a pupil. My friend told me to come to me music classes during the next few semesters. Some educators invited me back. It provided a great deal of inspiration and gave me some knowledge on working in the business and composing music. At that pointI knew I did not want to go back to college and happily’Painting Greys’ began to build an audience online.

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