LAXX Is Back With the Fake Friends Remix LP [INTERVIEW]

We spoke to LAXX regarding his songs, Remix LP and affects by the UK and US music landscape.

Following the success of his LP Fake Friends, the Oxford, UK DJ and producer LAXX is back with a different bit of audio. Fake Friends (Remixes) is more than only a remix record – it’s quite a dancefloor attack filled with star-power, and yes, it’s out through Never Say Die. We caught up with him to talk about his influences, the newest launch, along with future plans. Your remix LP is now out, and the story of Fake Friends finally received its next chapter. Seeking both releases, to whom do you recommend the one that is initial, and to that remixes?

LAXX: I think Fake Friends is more of an experimental recording although the Remixed LP is an dancefloor attack. Remixes take tunes to the new levels of electricity, but the first is more of a listening experience in areas, although so both have their time and set.

Fake Friends received positive reviews, in addition to reaction from fans. Have you heard any reactions for the Remix album so far, or it’s still really early?

Across the board, I harbor ’t heard anything aside from pure love. We got everybody else crushed it and some names and some fresh talent!

How did you first felt when you obtained the remixes?

As they arrived, honestly, hearing the remixes, I was blown away. Each and every remixer SMASHED it . It&rsquo nuts sounds I created from scratch twisted and chucked into something. I think my favourite part of it was every celebrity we got involved took the remixes each somewhere unique.

Generally, how does it feel to listen to your music remixed by somebody for the first time?

It’s definitely strange in the beginning. Every one of the noises I made/ used in the I bought and carefully designed to fit the vibe so at first, it seems odd having someone work with them. . But I can’t complain about a single thing, I’m proud of these guys did on the Remixed record!

With this launch, you worked together with Never Say Die Records. Inspiring it is to be part of their family when it comes to bass music and to be surrounded by talents?

Never Say Die is an amazing label. So much talent on the audio, but the guys behind the scenes are only as talented and committed. It’s a family, from throughout the world, and though intimidating with the likes of Habstrakt, Eptic, Trampa, Oddprophet, Megalodon, Zomboy, Must Die, Badklaat, to mention a couple… It’s a good group of manufacturers who make music that they believe in and don’t follow short-lived trends. I still find it insane that I’m together with these guys, but it’s inspiring and motivating.

You come from the UK, however it seems like you popular in the USA, if not bigger. How would you describe that fact? Do you have any idea why your music is across the pond?

You know everything, I had been thinking about this the other day… I grew up hearing a lot of music from the US as a child that I think it motivated me a lot. However, as I got older, and got to dance music, it had been mostly UK sounds, therefore I think my music is a mix of both. I listen to plenty of Grime, Bassline, and Garage which inspire my sound a lot and I think it comes out in my music in certain ways. I think I take elements from those and combine it I like from the US picture. . And people appear to like it!

So, I understand the new material is still fresh, but I know a lot would love to understand what you are around next. Do you have any new music coming up?

I’t got a few cheeky bits and bits falling pretty soon… that you’ll hear soon enough! Fake Friends was massively liberating for me, being able to place out all different designs on the listing felt as if I was able to flex fashions individuals wouldn’t have expected from me, and it seems just like the doors have been opened honestly. I’ve never been one also I’m definitely going to continue to make music that speaks to me. As I learn and develop and evolve, my songs does, also. Fake Friends is only the beginning…

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