Ryley Walker To Release Dave Matthews Band Covers Album

Earlier this year Ryley Walker released his fourth studio album Deafman Glance via his longtime label Dead Oceans. The Chicago-based singer-songwriter announced an unlikely follow-up as he will put out The Lillywhite Sessions — his interpretation of the famed and much-bootlegged shelved studio album recorded by Dave Matthews Band — which is due out on November 16.

The material was originally recorded by Dave Matthews & Co. with accomplished producer Steve Lillywhite between 1999 and 2000. The 12-track collection features a number of tunes that would later appear on their 2002 release Busted Stuff including the album’s title track, “Bartender” and “Grey Street.”

Walker discussed how the project came about with with Aquarium Drunkard telling site, “At a Christmas party, me and Eric [Deines of Jagjaguwar, a sister label to Walker’s label Dead Oceans] were drinking, and we’d be like ‘Wouldn’t it be sick to cover a Dave Matthews record?’ One day he said, ‘Hey, I think I can actually get a budget and make this happen.’”

Walker added, “It’s all out of love, but there’s a little shred of irony in there. I’m in the indie rock world; I can’t cover a Dave Matthews record without having to explain myself, without a little context. But it’s all out of love. If somebody doesn’t like it, I understand. But if you were in high school, say before 2005, Dave Matthews was so in the lexicon, in the culture of America. Everyone 40 and under has heard Dave Matthews.”

Listen to Walker’s interpretation of “Busted Stuff” below:

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