7 ghost towns to visit in Colorado before Halloween

With deserted mines, dusty streets and ramshackle buildings, Colorado’s ghost towns have a knack for providing people goosebumps.

Colorado has roughly 300 ghost towns throughout the country, largely concentrated deep within the hills, in which miners — who had dreams of striking it rich — put up obligations, and across the Eastern Plains, explained Tom Noel, also a country historian who is called “Dr. Colorado. ” Noel defined ghost towns as a place that had a post office that is currently closed.

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The crash in 1893 depleted towns of the inhabitants, even though a few stragglers still stuck on a few areas. Gold mining towns were already disappearing before then, Noel said. They still ended up dying later Though the gold mining towns that were remaining tended to survive the crash.

It’s absolutely eerie to think of those once-booming mining towns being abandoned en masse, leaving relics behind this offer us tantalizing clues into the country ’s Wild West past, like the graveyards together using the names of unlucky sheriffs in one notorious ghost city.

For a real Colorado scare heading up to Halloween, it’s worth visiting one of these old haunts.

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