Breckenridge staff recommend keeping popular troll installation that’s caused local controversy

Breckenridge town staff are recommending the town keep Isak Heartstone, a public art installation made of reclaimed wood that has become so popular he’s been creating problems for the people who live nearby.

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Breckenridge residents want popular, wooden troll sculpture removed

At the beginning of the month, a handful of homeowners in the Wellington neighborhood told Breckenridge Town Council about the issues they’ve been seeing since the 15-foot wooden troll came to life in August for the Breckenridge International Festival of Arts, hoping the town would remove the troll.

The installation, created by Danish artist Thomas Dambo about a mile up the Wellington Trail for a $40,000 commission, is a project designed to remain in place for as long as the troll can withstand the elements and isn’t vandalized.

He’s been so well received, however, that nearby homeowners say “literally hundreds” of people are flocking to the troll on a daily basis. Aside from the heavy foot and vehicle traffic, the homeowners say troll hunters have been getting lost in the neighborhood, circling and parking illegally, sometimes blocking driveways and preventing the homeowners from getting to work.

Read more about the troll controversy on Summit Daily.

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