Charlie Crown recruits Hyara for his debut release, “Loner.”

The manufacturer formerly called Flapo is off to a fresh beginning with his Charlie Crown project.

Sooner or later in time, every artist wishes to alter their palate. Irrespective of the art they make, there comes a moment where they get tired of their figurative”bread and butter.”  Each artist should draw influences that are new and utilize others to inspire. 

In the event of Charlie Crown, it was time to begin fresh. 

After putting out remixes and first releases under the moniker Flapo, the manufacturer (whose real name is title Carlos Andreas Gonzalez) determined it was time to change things up and eventually become Charlie Crown.   To begin his new journey, he also enlisted vocalist Hyara for his debut single,”Loner.”  

Loner is an ethereal and airy creation filled with choices in instrumental construction. Hyara’s voice emanates a hypnotic presence bolstered by Charlie Crown’s diverse and creative use of tools.   The song feels like a blend of chill downtempo with traces of bass along with a pinch of eastern influence (the next drop a clear indication of this latter). 

The tune never gets carried away or strays from the intended goal.   To best sum up”Loner,” it is a pleasant, relaxing and meditative track that sets you in a very special mood upon the initial listen. Speaking of that, in case you have not had the opportunity to hear”Loner” however, find it below.:

We here at are ready to find out exactly what Charlie Crown’s future releases hold store. If it’s something similar to”Loner,” then we’ll be hearing lots from him in the future.   

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