Local Listen – NO-FVCE is Letting Bygones Be Bygones

This is an entry in a continuous show for 303 Magazine, which will provide a range of local record reviews. It is our intention to emphasize the abilities of local musicians, whether specialists to the business or newcomers. Like the bands, the record can be refreshing or something we just harbor ’t even had the ability to take off repeat at the last few months. Have a look at previous entries in the show here.

NO-FVCE (conspicuous “no confront ”-RRB- is the glitchy, sample-collaging, instrumental hip-hop job of a local region man called Noah. Not much more info is available about the guy, but perhaps he’so shy. His name is, after all, NO-FVCE.

Though he can be shy about showing his true individuality, NO-FVCE definitely doesn’t shy away from bold experimentation in his own beatwork. His most recent record, bygones (QS), starts off “morning,” a course comprised of layers of looped vocals that are cut brief to make an almost percussive rhythm. The loops then start to line up and fall into a mesmerizing beat woven out of a brief bass line, a twang of a guitar here and there, more vocal samples and lots of reverb, on top an extremely lo-fi quality recording of a drum kick.

“Szns” uses soulful vocal samples delivered through a high-pass filter, even whereas other vocal samples — albeit marginally more conversational — float dreamily over the spirit loop at a brief, almost transitional-sounding track. The trail then fizzles out and smoothly leads to “smallworld,” a percussive track ton using gentle, muted keys. This course in particular sounds like it had been produced by QSTN — however, NO-FVCE’s tracks are less bossanova-inspired and marginally more melancholy. 

“Workonit” sounds just like something off of Dilla’s & Donuts, & “redlight” starts to combine chopped piano keys using glitched-out vocals that are thrown and warped beyond comprehension. Some tracks, such as “redlight,” drag a little long to the point at which they start to sound just a little boring, virtually pesky to the ears–nonetheless Noah seems aware of that and ends the trail before it gets very grating.

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